PadSplit enables Courtney to invest into herself as an actress, rather than wasting money on housing


PadSplit enables Courtney to invest into herself as an actress, rather than wasting money on housing

A theater major, Courtney moved to Atlanta in 2017 to take part in Atlanta’s thriving film industry. Several in her graduating cohort did the same thing, but unlike them, Courtney knew she wanted to continue investing into herself and her acting career, rather than wasting money on costly housing.

She knew she’d be spending long days filming on location throughout metro Atlanta, and she wanted to take additional acting classes. With that in mind, she naturally found it wasteful to spend money on exorbitant rents for an apartment she wouldn’t even be at most of the time.

A friend who was also an artist told her about PadSplit, and she moved in and has been a member since February 2020.

For her, PadSplit has been the perfect fit. She’s living on the West Side so the location is “close to absolutely everything.” She can get to a set in Marietta in 20 minutes or quickly be in Midtown for a shoot.

Moving from Virginia, she appreciates that she didn’t have to bring a ton of furniture with her, and she loves to cook, so she makes use of the kitchen (and her air fryer!). She says the affordability is a huge help to her, noting she couldn’t find rent this inexpensive anywhere else in the city, not to mention the fact that utilities, wifi and the washer/dryer are all included.

PadSplit is a Home, not just a house

Courtney loves her roommates and all her neighbors. Even though she hardly sees them, she gets along well with her PadMates, and with her type A personality, she’s gotten them all onboard with her cleaning regimen, which she developed as the daughter of Air Force parents.

“I treat my PadSplit like it’s my own personal home, my own personal mortgage,” said Courtney. “That’s just how I was raised, and this PadSplit is my home.”

She’s also grateful because her PadSplit is filled with other focused artists, like herself.

“We’re all investing into ourselves, to make our dreams a reality, and PadSplit’s helping us to achieve that with the money we’re saving each month. It keeps us in the game.”

Courtney says she definitely recommends PadSplit to all aspiring artists, who come to the city just as she did to take advantage of the film opportunities.

We at PadSplit are thrilled to be part of Courtney’s journey, and we can’t wait to see her on the Big Screen one day soon! Are you looking for a way to reduce expenses? Become a PadSplit Member today.

Move in and move up

Our Members save an average of $420 a month living in a PadSplit.