Flexible, furnished rooms for students - all utilities included

Between assignments, exams, and figuring out your future, the last thing you need to worry about is student housing.


What is PadSplit?

Hidden costs of living on-campus through student housing can add up and don’t give you the flexibility you need. Traditional off-campus apartments are expensive, lock you into a long lease, and make moving for summer internships hard. PadSplit is the perfect solution for students who need an affordable and flexible place to live. Here’s why:

One weekly payment

This weekly payment (also known as your membership dues) covers your room as well as free services (e.g. tele-medicine) included in your membership.

Furnished rooms

Tired of moving your mattress from one place to another? Moving just got easier! Each PadSplit room comes with a bed, mattress, nightstand, and clothing storage.

Free utilities (yes, even WiFi)

No more worrying about what utilities to set up and remembering which bills to pay! PadSplit takes care of utilities, including Wi-Fi, for you so you can stream your classes online.

No long-term leases

Stop stressing about subletters! There is a one-month minimum stay, but after that, PadSplit Members can stay for as long as they want. No long-term leases here.

Choose your location

Whether you want to be close to campus or your job, you can pick your PadSplit based on location. Most homes are located near public transit, making it easy to get around the city.

Trustworthy PadMates

Feel at ease with your future housemates. All Members must pass a thorough background check and employment verification process to live at a PadSplit.

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Your new home will have it all:

Private, furnished room

Shared kitchen



Laundry access

Start application

Savings Calculator

Let’s see what you’d save if you stay with PadSplit! Select a location or put in your exact student housing costs to see your savings.

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How to apply

Step 1

Contact us.

Fill out a short form with your contact information, and someone from our team will reach out to help with your application.

Step 2

Choose your room

After your approval for membership, you'll be able to select the specific room you want in the house of your choice.

Step 3

Lock it down

Once you've picked a room, you'll pay your first membership fee. This fee (paid weekly) covers your room and all other PadSplit benefits like utilities, WiFi, laundry, and furnishings.

Step 4

Get moving!

Settle into your space and enjoy your new pad. Then start saving and planning for your future.


Excited yet?

PadSplit has a wide range of rooms and locations for student housing. Let’s find the right one for you.