Recoup lost Airbnb revenue with PadSplit

With mid-term rentals, you can earn an average of 33% more revenue, reduce your workload, and reach 80% occupancy.

PadSplit vs. Airbnb

On the left is a PadSplit home that is fully occupied with tenants, and on the right is an empty Airbnb home that is unoccupied.

PadSplit vs. Airbnb earnings comparison

How does an Atlanta property compare?

**80% Occupancy - 25 days (8 rooms per property)*60% Occupancy - 18 days
Rent per week
Rent per week
Annual earnings
Annual earnings
Platform fees (8%)***
Platform fees (3%)
Net annual earnings
Net annual earnings
Net monthly earnings
Net monthly earnings

*The average Airbnb occupancy rate in the U.S. is around 48%; 60% and higher is considered good. We compare properties that are performing well.
**The average PadSplit occupancy rate in Atlanta, GA.
***PadSplit Platform Fee: On all bookings (including transfers), PadSplit will keep the first 10 days of dues and applies take rate to 8%.

Income breakdown

Atlanta Property Sample - $400,000 purchase price

Initial Costs
Monthly Costs
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Why Are Airbnb Hosts Switching to PadSplit?
It’s Just Math.

"As the CEO of PadSplit, I’m thrilled to see more hosts making the switch from short-term rental platforms like Airbnb to joining our network of hosts providing affordable and flexible housing through PadSplit."

A black and white photo of PadSplit’s CEO, Atticus LeBlanc

PadSplit vs. Airbnb:
The choice is clear to me.

“The need for housing is massive, but PadSplit allows owners to convert underutilized space into rental properties, thus increasing the housing supply.”

A black and white photo of PadSplit’s Chief Growth Officer, Adam Kolojejchick-Kotch

PadSplit is the Best Exit

“While top hosts with hundreds of reviews on Airbnb continue to perform well, newer and underperforming hosts are looking for an exit as poor Airbnb reviews from hosts are becoming more commonplace. We believe PadSplit is the best exit strategy, which is why we’ve seen a big spike in Airbnb hosts converting their properties to PadSplits.”

A man with a hoodie smiles and has his arms crossed

PadSplit Has More Stable,
Long-Term Stays

“Compared to Airbnb, PadSplit offers more revenue and fewer property management expenses. It’s a win-win. With the changing landscape in residential real estate investing and the rise of the sharing economy, buy-and-hold investors must pivot their traditional strategies to alternative rental platforms such as PadSplit vs Airbnb.”

A man with a beard is wearing a suit and is smiling.

Airbnb Hosts who moved to PadSplit

Hear from Airbnb Hosts who have had success switching from short-term rentals to PadSplit.

Why make the switch?


Earn 33% more rental income!

The rent-by-room model comes together with high occupancy and lower turnover costs to generate higher, steadier income.


Higher occupancy

While Airbnb occupancy is around 48% in the U.S., PadSplit average occupancy is over 80%.


5 days to your first booking

We increase the speed of your first booking with our proven marketing and customer acquisition efforts.


Vetted booking

PadSplit advertises on Google, Facebook, and major housing sites, driving 200,000 unique searches. PadSplit also runs identity, income, background, and eviction checks.


Less regulatory risks

Airbnb regulations are becoming too complex and costly while PadSplit takes safer legal steps while expanding new markets.


Longer tenure and less turnover

The average tenure of a PadSplit Member is 9 months.


Make a community impact

Strengthen your community by providing quality and affordable housing. Help Members save an average of $333/mo.

An image of two bedrooms, a Caucasian man smiling, and an African-American woman smiling

Make the switch to PadSplit and start hosting today

With simplified screening and management tools at your fingertips, renting is now a whole lot easier.

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