Why It’s Critical To Obtain Permits as a PadSplit Host

There are several reasons why securing permits is crucial for PadSplit Hosts and how compliance plays a pivotal role in the success of your rental property.

December 04, 2023

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As a PadSplit Host, managing your property comes with a unique set of considerations. One critical consideration that Hosts cannot afford to overlook is obtaining the right permits. In this blog, we’ll delve into why securing permits is crucial for PadSplit Hosts and how compliance plays a pivotal role in the success of your rental property.

The unwinnable battle without permits

It’s universally acknowledged in the construction world that obtaining permits can be a time-consuming process. Local permit offices simply do not have the resources to process permit applications as quickly as we all would like.  That said, permits are critical. The purpose of building permits is to ensure the safety of the owner and tenants. Whether it’s city regulations, building codes, or zoning requirements, obtaining the necessary permits is the first step to ensuring a solid foundation for your hosting venture.

The city’s word vs. the host’s argument

Rarely can a host successfully argue against permit requirements if the city or municipality mandates them. PadSplit acknowledges this reality and emphasizes the responsibility of Hosts to determine and obtain the required permits for their properties.

Hosts are responsible for acquiring the necessary permits

Hosts have the responsibility to identify and acquire any necessary permits. Given the multitude of jurisdictions across various cities and the varying building permits by zip code, it’s practically impossible for PadSplit to have an exhaustive understanding of permitting rules everywhere.

PadSplit’s Host lease makes it explicit – Hosts are required to obtain permits. This proactive approach ensures that Hosts not only comply with regulations but also avoid potential legal complications.

PadSplit’s ability to employ legal strategies and overcome unreasonable occupancy restrictions significantly relies on the presence of proper permits. Unpermitted work in a house can jeopardize these strategies, making it imperative for Hosts to secure the necessary approvals for each owner builder permit.

The temptation to skirt permits

Hosts may be tempted to circumvent the permitting process due to its time-consuming nature and the bureaucratic hurdles involved. However, the risks associated with building without a permit far outweigh the inconvenience of obtaining them. 

If code enforcement reaches out to Hosts with warnings and/or notices related to occupancy issues, PadSplit encourages Hosts to reach the PadSplit legal team at legal@padsplit.com. The comprehensive process in place resolves a significant percentage of issues, demonstrating PadSplit’s commitment to assisting Hosts in navigating compliance challenges.

For non-occupancy-related issues like trash, landscaping, or mailbox numbering, Hosts are advised to take immediate action upon receiving a warning and/or notice. Proactive resolution not only addresses the concern but also minimizes the chances of further citations or complications.

In the complex landscape of property hosting, compliance with permitting regulations stands out as a non-negotiable factor for success. PadSplit Hosts, recognizing the challenges and nuances of diverse jurisdictions, play a pivotal role in obtaining the necessary permits. As the saying goes, “When in doubt, get permits.” It’s a mantra that echoes through the halls of hosting success, ensuring a smooth and legally sound operation for PadSplit hosts. Remember, the path to success begins with a foundation of compliance.

Explore the possibilities of becoming a PadSplit Host at PadSplit.com. Experience a 2.5x increase in your ROI with a single-family property, all while contributing to affordable housing and making a positive impact in the community.

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