Managing Difficult Members: A Comprehensive Guide for PadSplit Hosts

Dealing with difficult members is an inevitable aspect of managing a shared living space. As a PadSplit host, it’s essential to have a clear plan of action in place to address such situations.

March 27, 2024

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Dealing with difficult members is an inevitable aspect of managing a shared living space. As a PadSplit host, it’s essential to have a clear plan of action in place to address such situations. From late payments to disruptive behavior, here’s a thorough guide on the steps to take with difficult members to maintain a harmonious living environment for all residents.

Send a notice to vacate

When a member’s behavior is reported to PadSplit as consistently problematic or disruptive, hosts have the option to provide them with a notice to vacate. This serves as official notice to the member that they must move out of the property.

Hosts can also issue notices to vacate if a member is not a good fit for the property and if coliving, in general, is not a fit for the individual. Notices to vacate provide an opportunity for resolution while maintaining the integrity of the living community. Although hosts have the freedom to issue notices to vacate, it still requires review from PadSplit. PadSplit will coordinate with the host if it believes the notice to vacate runs the risk of violating housing laws

Wait for the internal review process

Members whose ratings fall below a certain level for four consecutive weeks undergo an internal review process conducted by PadSplit’s customer experience (CX) team. During this process, the CX team reviews all reports concerning the member’s behavior, including any safety concerns, rule violations, or member-to-member escalations.

Rely on the rating system

PadSplit’s member review process, implemented in September 2023, has significantly changed the way members’ occupancy is evaluated. With PadSplit’s rating system, members can provide feedback on each other’s behavior as well as rate hosts and properties. Members are scored on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being excellent and 1 indicating poor behavior. This system is an important tool to identify and address issues early on.

Hosts are notified when a member’s score drops to 1 or 2, indicating potential termination. Hosts have 48 hours to decide whether to “save” the member and halt the termination or proceed with termination. Once the member is terminated, the member has 7 days to dispute the termination.  PadSplit will review any termination disputes.

Hosts should rate a Member whenever they see positive or negative behavior. Learn more about how hosts rate members.

PadSplit follows established protocols and housing laws

PadSplit takes compliance with housing laws very seriously and urges Hosts to do the same. Decisions to terminate a member’s occupancy should not be taken lightly, so instant resolutions may not always be feasible. PadSplit is committed to fairness and transparency.

PadSplit is committed to fairness and transparency in its membership policies. Termination decisions are based on member behavior and adherence to membership/host rules rather than arbitrary measures. The goal is to provide affordable housing while ensuring a safe and conducive living environment for all members. In conclusion, managing difficult members requires a proactive approach, compassionate and direct communication, and compliance with fair housing laws. By following these steps and leveraging PadSplit’s Member Review Process, hosts can effectively address issues while fostering a positive and safe living environment for all residents.

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