Best Practices for PadSplit Listings

A step-by-step guide for setting up and optimizing your PadSplit property listing

February 22, 2022

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Our Members pick where they live the same way anyone else does: location, price, and amenities. Because a Member doesn’t tour the property before booking, it’s important to make sure your property listing is compelling to Members. 

Use these tips to optimize your PadSplit property listings to ensure longer tenures, fewer room turns, and higher returns. 

Start with Great Listing Photos

The most compelling feature of any listing on our site is photography. Members aren’t viewing properties before move-in day, so your photos are incredibly important. We recommend 10-15 photos per listing.

Photography tips:

  • Hire a professional real estate photographer. Need help finding one? Our Vendor Network is full of experienced real estate photographers. Log into your Host Dashboard, and you’ll be able to sort by vendor type and location.
  • Before photo day, send your photographer example pictures from PadSplit’s website.
  • Stage the rooms in a compelling way:
    • While PadSplit Members provide their own bedding, we recommend photographing bedrooms with simple bedspreads and pillows. A plant or piece of wall art can add a nice pop of color and make the home look more inviting.
  • Choose the best hour of the day for photography.
  • Open all the blinds and turn off the lights in the room.
  • Don’t forget about the common areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and dining areas.

Many real estate photographers offer 3D tour packages that automatically generate floor plans. We’ve seen this investment pay off when it comes to bookings.

Write a Compelling Property Description

Your property description will appear publicly on the listing page, so this is your chance to tout why your property is a great fit. Do not include the exact address.

Here are a few tips for how to write a compelling property listing:

  • Be truthful and thorough. 
  • Provide information about public transportation stops (bus lines, train hubs), parking information, and nearby points of interest like grocery stores.
  • Mention compelling home features. Did you renovate the kitchen and bathrooms? Tout those changes. Do you provide a monthly cleaning service? That’s worth mentioning, too. 
  • Ask yourself what information is important to you when it comes to choosing a home, and answer those questions in your property listing.

Uploading Property Photos

It’s important to upload photos for each area of your property, including common areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and each bedroom. 

Photo uploading tips:

  • Photos appear in the order of upload. Upload the bedroom and kitchen photos at the beginning for a great first impression. 
  • Photo files cannot exceed 6.3 mb.
  • Make sure the orientation of the photo is correct. 
  • Use high-resolution photos.
  • Provide at least two photos for each room to show different features and vantage points.
  • If the room has a private bathroom or walk-in closet, include photos.

As Members move in, it’s helpful to ask “Why did you pick this PadSplit?” to learn more about why they chose your listing. Based on their feedback, you can update your property listing in your Host dashboard.

Need additional help with listing and managing your PadSplit? Visit our Help Center for everything a Host needs to know about PadSplit onboarding, listing, and operating procedures.

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