7 Must-Have Finishing Touches for Your PadSplit

Read the 7 finishing touches you need before photographing and and listing your PadSplit

June 15, 2022

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Wherever you are in your PadSplit Host journey, it’s essential to consider the nuances of renovating, designing, and optimizing a rental property for co-living. 

Our Members pick where they live the same way anyone else does: location, price, and amenities. PadSplit Members don’t tour properties before booking, so it’s essential to make sure your property listing is compelling to Members. Your PadSplit property listing is the first (and only) impression a Member has until move-in day, and this is your opportunity to set yourself apart as a PadSplit Host. 

Before your photographer shows up with a camera in hand, here are some finishing touches you can make to your property to make it more appealing to Members. 

7 Must-Have Finishing Touches Before Photographing and Listing Your PadSplit

Shower Curtain

If you have a tub/shower combo, purchasing a shower curtain and liner is an essential buy before photographing your property and activating your listing. Not only will Members need it to actually use the shower, but it will be a nice touch in the listing photos. Pick a bright, neutral color that coordinates with the tile or fixtures in your bathroom, and don’t forget the shower curtain rod and hooks.

Trash Cans

Lack of cleanliness is one of the main reasons for poor move-in experiences, leading to early move-outs and less revenue for PadSplit Hosts. The lack of cleanliness doesn’t just affect move-ins; it also impacts the entire atmosphere of the house. One of the ways to prevent that is by purchasing trash cans for the kitchen and bathrooms. While not required, it also helps to buy a box of trash can liners to store under the sink before activating your property so your first Members have some to use on move-in day.


PadSplit Members are responsible for bringing their linens and bedding when they move in, so this is the one item on the list that you don’t have to leave at your PadSplit property. However, we recommend having bedding options available on photography day to style your bedrooms for photos. Head to a local home goods store and pick up a few pillows, comforters, and coordinating throw pillows to style on beds before your photographer arrives. Tip: Choose brighter, coordinating colors that will pop on camera!


A little art goes a long way in making your PadSplit feel — and look— like a home instead of a house. Now’s your chance to infuse a little color and personality. Choose a few pieces of artwork for the walls of bedrooms and common areas. We recommend choosing canvases instead of picture frames with glass. They are often more affordable, and they’re more durable in case they get knocked off the wall. 

Bedroom Lamps

PadSplit Hosts are required to provide basic furnishings such as a bed, mattress and cover, nightstand, and clothing storage. These furnishings should be comfortable and meet the needs of Members. In addition to an overhead light fixture, we highly recommend each PadSplit bedroom have a lamp for additional lighting. 


Each PadSplit bedroom should have window coverings to provide privacy for Members. We recommend hanging window blinds instead of curtains. Not only will window coverings help reduce utility costs, which are the responsibility of PadSplit Hosts, coverings will prevent PadSplit Members from hanging makeshift curtains and potentially damaging windows or walls.

Dining Set

When making renovation and design decisions for PadSplit’s co-living model, there are some must-haves to consider in the kitchen. It’s essential to make sure you leave room for a place to eat when renovating your PadSplit. The dining set will make it easy for PadMates to mingle during mealtime if desired, but it will also give Members another place to eat instead of their bedrooms, which could help prevent pest control or cleanliness issues.

Final Thoughts on Staging Your PadSplit

One of the things that make PadSplit unique is how the model combines traditional renting strategies with more modern concepts, allowing you to leverage the best elements of traditional and short-term rental options by maximizing profits and creating stability.

Budgeting a few hundred dollars for last-minute staging items at the end of the renovation for these minor additions can make a big difference. You may be tempted to skip them, but resist the urge. They will help set your property apart from others on the platform and drive faster occupancies and longer tenures. Set aside some time and money to make these final purchases before photographing and listing your property to generate the best returns. 

Need help finding a photographer? Check out the PadSplit Vendor Network. Log into your PadSplit Host account, and search based on vendor type and location. All vendors in the PadSplit Vendor Network have spoken with a team member and are familiar with our co-living model.

Want to take the headache out of the process altogether? Our new service, PadSplit Turnkey, allows you to hand the entire process — from property selection to renovation — over to a professional with industry experience while still maintaining ownership of the home.

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