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PadSplit Turnkey was created to give anyone the same power that large institutional investors have at their disposal.

Let us accelerate your journey to your first booking.

Sourcing deals, comparing financing options, finding qualified and readily-available contractors, and managing the renovation is even more work in today’s real estate market! As soon as you close on an investment property, the clock starts ticking. What if you could hand the entire process over to a professional with industry experience while still maintaining ownership of the home?
PadSplit Turnkey allows you to do just that.


PadSplit Turnkey handles it all.

Our team has sourced, acquired, and renovated homes at scale for Opendoor, Invitation Homes, Starwood and other major funds deploying billions to acquire, renovate, and manage.
Now they can work for you!

sourcing for a home


Turn off those listing alerts! The PadSplit Turnkey team is constantly looking for high potential properties in our current markets. Our team will present options to you, and you get to make the final decision.

renovating and repairing a home


Our team knows the PadSplit brand specifications, and ensures that qualified contractors are getting the job done right.

listing and managing a home


After PadSplit Turnkey lists your property on our platform, they will continue to manage any move-ins, move-outs, and maintenance tasks. You will see it all on PadSplit’s Technology Platform.

Our goal is to accelerate the path to acquiring real estate that generates exceptional returns and provides a positive social impact.

We build meaningful relationships with real estate investors of all experience levels that want to do good and do well in their community. We also work with PadSplit’s Product Development and Engineering team to build a robust suite of technology tools that enhance productivity, investment performance, and investor experience.

Investors can expect higher returns, less manual work, and full support from the PadSplit Turnkey team of professionals.

What the process looks like

Step 1

Get qualified

The PadSplit Turnkey team will explain the process and answer all your questions. When you’re ready, go through our quick qualification process so you can secure a listing.

Step 2

Purchase a property

After reviewing pre-sourced, high potential properties, choose a property and secure it by submitting a LLC agreement. Our team will contact you about further steps to close on the property.

Step 3

Start renovations

Once the property is officially yours, we’ll handle every step of the renovation process with vendors familiar with the PadSplit model. You just have to approve and finance the renovation.

Step 4

Manage bookings

The PadSplit Turnkey team will list your home and handle all bookings for this listing. That includes move-ins, room turns, maintenance tasks, and everything in between. All you have to do is oversee the process and reap the benefits.

Have questions?

The PadSplit Turnkey team would love to talk to you — no commitment required. Schedule a call with our team. We’ll ask you a few questions and help you figure out if the program is right for you.

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