The Compelling Case for PadSplit Over Other Investment Strategies

Discover why PadSplit is considered to be the best investment strategy in the real estate market.

November 17, 2023

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Is now the right time to reconsider doing PadSplit over every other real estate investment strategy?

I acknowledge my bias, and naturally, my response is a very confident ‘yes.’

However, to challenge my own bias, I will do my best to explain why hundreds of investors indicate that PadSplit is the most dominant real estate investment strategy in today’s real estate market.

If you are reading this post, you have most likely come to a point where you committed to real estate as your ticket to freedom and generational wealth. Experienced and driven investors understand that one can’t sit on the sidelines and wait for favorable market conditions; instead, they must explore “how or where can I continue to invest so I can keep moving towards my real estate investing goals?” 

The beautiful thing about turbulent market conditions

The beautiful thing about turbulent market conditions is that they shake out the not-so-serious investors and open up more opportunities for those who want to capitalize while facing less competition.

For anyone tracking the current investing landscape, it is not a surprise that we are in a very difficult market, and although there is some hopium out there, most signs point to it getting a little worse before it gets better.

But fear not; PadSplit is here.

We created PadSplit to solve a big problem: affordable housing. This problem is not going anywhere and is only getting worse. You can spend a day pulling data on every single-family rental investment strategy out there, and you will quickly learn that no matter what trend line you look at, the one that is going to stay constant is the need for affordable housing:

The economy gets worse? We need affordable housing.

The economy gets better? We need affordable housing.

Interest rates go up? We need affordable housing.

Interest rates go down? We need affordable housing.

Housing prices go up? We need affordable housing.

Housing prices go down? We need affordable housing.

Look at each of the above and factor in a historical percentage swing to see what that does to the rental price of a studio or one-bedroom apartment. You will see that a rent-by-the-room model still offers a more affordable and better solution for low-income earners serving our communities.

PadSplit is a liferaft

Whether we are speaking with investors who are using traditional long-term rental, flipping strategies, or short term real estate investment strategies, we always ask why they are interested in our model. Although the answer varies, it always comes down to maximizing the return on a current asset or wanting to use our strategy so they can keep acquiring with current market conditions. It’s not uncommon for us to hear statements like:

“You are a liferaft.”

“You are saving my short-term rentals.”

“This flip was underwater, and now I can cashflow until the market shifts, and I can exit.”

“I need to keep buying, and I couldn’t use X strategy.”

For us, it is a win/win — we are housing those who need it most while maximizing returns for our investors, which is a great feeling.

Turn one revenue stream into multiple

By adopting a house-sharing or co-living model, you can turn one revenue stream into multiple. Because the model is rent-by-the-room (and we fill the rooms), you can now view the real estate you are holding or looking to buy through a different lens — That office or dining room that, in the past, was a benefit is now a profit center. 

Before PadSplit, things like evictions in a long-term rental or seasonality and economic downturns for short-term rentals could make or break your success as an active real estate investor. With PadSplit, evictions only affect one room, and you can cash flow on the others. Whether it is spring or fall and the economy is up or down, the need for an affordable housing network for the workforce stays constant.

PadSplit isn’t a nice-to-have; it’s a gotta-have, and like it or love it, co-living is here to stay.

Get started with PadSplit today

If you have talked with us in the past or you are just learning about us and are searching for low risk real estate investment strategies, book a time, and let us show you why PadSplit is the best strategy to hedge in today’s market.

-Joel Glenny, Head of Sales at PadSplit

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