The Fund
Invest in an affiliated fund with a proven track record of purchasing, renovating, and operating single-family and multi-family assets with great returns.
PadSplit’s co-living solution boosts yields and solves a massive affordability problem
Why invest
Do good
Each home generates more than $3,000/month in total savings for residents
Do well
Cash-on-Cash: 10.2% Investor IRR: 20.7%
The Fund
What is The Fund?
PadSplit has created an affiliated fund to purchase, renovate, and operate existing single-family and multi-family assets to rapidly expand its market-rate affordable housing model. PadSplit currently manages more than 3,500 units across the Southeast and is the proven leader operating affordable shared living spaces.
The Fund will acquire and renovate properties
PadSplit has already identified the ideal markets for expansion, and current property owners have earned consistent returns that exceed 2X of net operating income from traditional rental properties.
These markets have the best mix of HPA and suitable housing stock, and The Fund will focus on acquiring properties in these markets. The Fund will acquire and renovate properties with bridge debt, refinance upon stabilization, and hold for above-average cash flow until exit.
Shared housing is a win-win solution

Between 2008 and 2012, Atticus LeBlanc, PadSplit's founder, purchased and renovated 550 affordable homes. Through this process, Atticus saw firsthand how slow and inefficient traditional housing programs were and knew something needed to change. Then, in a chance encounter in 2009, residents from a neighboring home asked if they could move into one of his properties and pay by the week.

Atticus recognized that shared housing could align incentives between real estate investors seeking better returns and those who couldn’t access traditional apartments.

Housing solution

The PadSplit model provides the fastest and most cost-effective method to create new affordable housing supply while also decreasing barriers to access. Today, PadSplit is the country’s largest shared housing marketplace explicitly designed for the workforce.

Today, PadSplit is the country’s largest shared housing marketplace designed specifically for the workforce.
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