PadSplit’s trusted corporate housing partners

At PadSplit, we’re dedicated to providing essential workers with affordable housing. We believe the people who serve our communities deserve an opportunity to live in them. Employers benefit when their team members have access to quality, move-in ready housing.

Why partner with PadSplit?

Over 25,000 members served
$2.2+ billion saved in taxpayer dollars
Average length of stay: 8.4 months
97.4% collections rate
"We could not be happier. Tulsa Welding School is just going to benefit [from PadSplit]."
Karen Yeats, Tulsa Welding School
How your company benefits
Reduce attrition
Reduce employee turnover by providing affordable housing within the local area.
Reduce hiring costs
Reduce the need for frequent rehiring to reduce costs associated with recruitment, onboarding, and training.
Attract & retain quality employees
By providing comfortable and convenient accommodations, you can attract top-tier talent and retain them for the long haul.
Grow your team
When new employees can quickly secure affordable housing, you can grow your team more quickly.
PadSplit provides the Tulsa Welding School with housing, addressing the housing crisis faced by prospective students.
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