PadSplit Provides an Army Veteran with Affordable Housing

November 10, 2023

In a bustling city like Jacksonville, finding affordable housing close to campus and family can be a daunting task. Kenneth P., a veteran who served in the Army as a medical logistics specialist, knows this struggle well.

After completing his service in 2012, he faced the challenges of balancing work, education, and bills. However, Kenneth found his solution in PadSplit, a revolutionary co-living concept that transformed his living situation and allowed him to focus on his education and future goals.

Earning a Degree While Saving with PadSplit

Kenneth’s journey with PadSplit began when he returned to Jacksonville to be close to his family and pursue his dream of finishing his degree after ending his contract with the military. Working as a contract mail carrier six days a week, he found it challenging to manage work while furthering his education.

The Post-9/11 GI Bill provided him with a monthly stipend for housing and schooling, allowing him to pursue his educational aspirations without the burden of exorbitant housing costs.

One Easy and Affordable Bill

Kenneth stumbled upon PadSplit while browsing through the app store, and it immediately caught his attention. What appealed to him was the simplicity of having all his bills, including rent, utilities, and internet, bundled into one affordable package. This streamlined approach allowed him to focus on his studies without worrying about the complexities of managing multiple bills.

“The application process was very easy. I was able to get insight into the location of the house and who my PadMates would be. It was perfect!” says Kenneth.

In his previous housing arrangement, Kenneth paid $1,000 for rent and $250 for utilities, totaling $1,250 each month. With PadSplit, he now pays only $186 per week, significantly reducing his housing expenses and saving at least $400 every month. This financial relief has allowed him to channel his resources toward pursuing his academic goals, ultimately aiming to become an industrial engineer.

“PadSplit is allowing me to save a fair amount of money. Rent, utilities, and internet are all wrapped into one and are super affordable, especially given the area,” says Kenneth, speaking of the PadSplit membership dues. “You don’t have to worry about if your roommate is going to pay rent. I love that it’s just one bill – it’s one less thing on my plate.”

Hassle-Free Living

Kenneth’s experience with the PadSplit marketplace has been incredibly positive. The company’s transparent approach and clearly defined PadSplit rules provide a structured living environment, eliminating the uncertainties often associated with traditional roommate situations. The co-living model also fosters a sense of community, where everyone chips in for cleaning and maintains their own routines, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable living environment.

“It also feels secure. There’s a keypad on everyone’s door, and we all have our own codes; that’s how you get into the front door and your bedroom, so it feels safe,” says Kenneth.

Moreover, the PadSplit app and PadSplit dashboard proved to be valuable tools for Kenneth. It not only helped him find single rooms for rent in a convenient location but also provided insights into nearby public transportation, grocery stores, and shopping areas.

Affordable Housing for Veterans

Reflecting on his time in the army, Kenneth acknowledges the challenges many veterans face when it comes to housing. The limited options and high costs often force them to spend a significant portion of their allowances on subpar accommodations.

“When I was stationed in D.C., my unit was real small with less than 100 enlisted soldiers, so there wasn’t great housing. You’re given an allowance for housing, so you live off base and have to get your own place,” says Kenneth. “If PadSplit had been there at this time, it would have been so much better because I ended up paying $1,600 each month for a studio in Southern Maryland.”

Kenneth’s story is a testament to the positive impact sites like PadSplit have on the lives of veterans and individuals seeking affordable, convenient, and community-oriented housing options. As he continues his journey toward his academic and professional goals, Kenneth has a supportive environment in which to thrive.

His experience highlights the transformative power of innovative housing solutions through websites like PadSplit, ensuring that individuals like him can focus on building a brighter future without the burden of high living expenses.

“I absolutely recommend PadSplit! What’s great about it is it’s not a long-term commitment. You also have everything you need and get more than you would with a studio with a tiny kitchenette,” says Kenneth.

Apply Today, Move in Tomorrow

If you’d like to find affordable housing in the local area, visit to save 40-50% on rent. Apply today and move into your new home within 24 hours.

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