How to Find a Cheap Room for Rent in Atlanta

September 18, 2020

Get more bang for your buck with these tips for finding affordable rooms for rent in Atlanta, GA.

Finding an affordable room to rent can be a challenge.

A quick Google search of “rooms to rent near me in Atlanta” brings up a lot of options — and not all of them will be great.

Between smaller-than-pictured spaces, oddball roommates, and carpeting that’s older than grandma, finding a quality room for rent in Atlanta can be tricky.

Below are tips that will help you find the best room for rent within your budget.

First, it’s important to make a list of your priorities. Some things you’ll want to consider when looking for a cheap room for rent in Atlanta are:

  • How much will your rent and utilities cost you?
  • Can you rent a room by the week?
  • Roommates: Will you need to live with roommates?
  • Location: Is the house or apartment near your job?
  • What will your average commute look like?
  • House quality: Is the house new or old?
  • How important is cleanliness to you?
  • Neighborhood Safety: Is the room for rent in a safe neighborhood or building?

Decide which of these are most important to you and rank them. Maybe you’re willing to pay a bit more for a more central location. Or maybe finding the cheapest rent outweighs everything else. From there, take the following tips into account when trying to find rooms for rent in Atlanta.

Ask about average utility costs and factor that into your rent.

Utility costs can quickly take an affordable room outside of your budget. Important questions to ask when talking to a landlord or potential housemates are, “What is the average cost of utilities?” or “What’s included in the cost of rent?” Some landlords cover water, while gas and electricity are on the renter. And many times, older homes can have poor insulation or non-energy-efficient appliances, which can spike the cost of your monthly utility bills.

PadSplit offers the ability to rent rooms by the week — with all of your utilities like water, electricity, laundry, and Wifi included in the weekly cost of your room. This predictable, transparent pricing means there are never any surprises with your expenses.

Whoever you rent from, be sure that you’re getting a clear picture of what your expenses look like upfront, so you never fall behind.

Try searching for a room for rent in Atlanta during the “off-season.”

Searching for a room when others aren’t might mean cheaper rent. Most Atlantans move in the Spring and Fall — not during our 100 degree summer months or the doldrums of winter. Housing near college campuses also turns over in the spring and the fall, lining up with the beginning and end of school years.

One creative way to save money on rent is to search for a room to rent when other people are staying put. Landlords who have unexpected rooms for rent in their homes might be more willing to negotiate on price during “off” times of the year like summer and winter.

Luckily, PadSplit offers rooms for rent throughout the entire year, which means you always have a good option no matter the season.

Consider living with roommates.

One of the easiest ways to bring down your cost of rent is to live with roommates. Not only can single-occupancy apartments be expensive, living with roommates can help offset your monthly utility costs.

One very important factor to consider when deciding to live with roommates is safety and credibility. We’ve all heard horror stories of scammy Craigslist roommates. One of the many benefits of PadSplit is that we background check all of our Members so there are no surprises. If background checks are not offered where you’re looking to live, consider meeting your potential roommates before move-in in a public, well-lit place. Ask them questions about their lifestyle and see if they have any house rules. While you might not be best friends with these people, occupying the same space does come with its challenges, and having these discussions upfront can help alleviate awkward situations later.

See the house first, pay later.

Speaking of Craigslist scams — don’t believe all of the photos you see on the internet. Scammers on sites like Craigslist, Zillow, and Padmapper will often post fake or modified photos to lure renters in. When looking for a room to rent, be sure to build a tour into your search. If you can, take a friend on the tour with you.

PadSplit offers virtual tours of each house, runs background checks on every Member to ensure authenticity and security, and charges a reasonable $29 application fee.

At PadSplit, we’ve helped more than 5,000 people find an affordable place to live. Don’t give out any of your personal information until you’ve confirmed the credibility of the landlord, property managers, or roommates.

Don’t get locked into a high rent rate.

While signing a long-term lease may open you up to a cheaper monthly rent, it also locks you into that rate for an extended period of time. At PadSplit, we know that life can change quickly, which is why we offer our rooms for rent by the week at an affordable price. Rather than look for long-term lease options, consider renting by the week for more flexibility.

Look beyond the trendy neighborhoods to find rooms for rent that work with your budget.

Some of Atlanta’s trendy areas seem to have it all, but you’re definitely paying top dollar for the popularity. Rather than look in the buzziest neighborhoods, broaden your search to safe areas that are still close to transportation.

PadSplit has homes all over Atlanta, offering plenty of choices when it comes to different neighborhoods. Most of our homes are near bus lines, if not major transportation hubs, which means you have easy access to all of Atlanta.

PadSplit understands how difficult it can be to find affordable rooms for rent in Atlanta. But don’t get discouraged by soaring rent prices, questionable Craigslist listings, or sketchy posters in Facebook groups. Instead, figure out what matters to you most when finding a room for rent and start your search there.

Interested in learning more about PadSplit and how we can help you find an affordable room for rent in Atlanta? Apply today.

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