Why Traveling Nurses Rely on PadSplit for Housing in the Tampa Metro Area: Secure. Convenient. Smart.

May 05, 2022

While the pandemic triggered a downward spiral in many industries, those trained in health-related careers witnessed a meteoric increase in demand. Experienced nurses, whose skills guaranteed jobs and high salaries even after COVID-19 and its variants subsided, increasingly sought and accepted temporary positions in high-need areas to provide patients across the country with quality care — and the travel nurses trend shows no sign of slowing.

Cities are now paying top dollar to attract traveling nurses to understaffed hospitals and, as they travel to and from assignments, one thing is increasingly apparent—traveling nurses need secure, convenient, affordable housing in Tampa, tailorable to their particular contract or assignment length.

PadSplit Meets the Temporary Housing Need in Tampa

The length of a travel nursing assignment varies depending on the facility. According to Trusted Nurse Staffing, it can be as short as two weeks, but 6-, 8-, or 13-week positions are the most common. Indefinite assignment duration could play havoc with a lodger’s ability or desire to adhere to a typical lease agreement. While most housing facilities demand a specified commitment and apply steep penalties when broken, PadSplit accommodates traveling nurses’ need for flexibility by offering a 30-day minimum commitment and then weekly stay options. Payments can be made weekly or bi-weekly. 

Location, Location, Location!

Living near work means that nurses’ precious free time is not spent on the road and affords them more opportunity to pursue their own interests, leading to a better work-life balance and heightened job satisfaction. That’s why PadSplit makes sure that rooms are close to public transportation. Additionally, PadSplit’s proximity to major healthcare employers such as HCA Florida South Tampa Hospital, Kindred Hospital Central Tampa, Tampa General Hospital, and HCA Florida South Tampa Hospital, among others, makes for convenient commutes. Some PadSplit residences even have specified space for vehicle parking, but if you want to avoid the inconvenience of using your own vehicle, Tampa Metro offers many alternatives that include buses, Zipcars, bike and walking trails — and even streetcars. 

A Place to Call Home

Travel nurses can live close to work with PadSplits in Tampa.
Travel nurses can live close to work with PadSplits in Tampa.

PadSplit’s single-occupancy requirement is perfect for medical staff who follow atypical schedules and require time away from healthcare’s hustle and bustle. Most are looking for rest and relaxation when returning to lodgings after long shifts, and the luxury of having one’s own space to call home meets their unique needs. PadSplit residences are furnished to feel like home, but bringing your own linen, artwork, and minimal kitchen supplies ensures additional comfort and further establishes that touch of familiarity to a home-away-from-home. 

Respectful Atmosphere

Members expect to enjoy a quiet atmosphere conducive to unwinding and decompressing. To meet those needs, PadSplit implemented a Three Key Policy to quickly address any occurrences that could disturb other members’ sense of well-being. A series of official warnings lets violators know how they should adjust their conduct or risk a fine or dislodgement. An easy-to-use dashboard allows members to notify violators exhibiting negative behavior about the perceived disruption and the need to remedy it. More common, though, is using that same messaging dashboard to send shoutouts to members who are helpful and kind. You’ll also notice that a daily specified quiet time for all members is a valued feature that promotes comfort.      

No hook-up Hassles

Your PadSplit host ensures that your home is move-in ready. Members can expect necessary utilities, including Wi-Fi, to be up and running from the start and, unlike traditional rentals, utility costs are included in the price paid by members. In a nod to global sustainability efforts, members are responsible for conserving all utilities including electricity, water, and gas. In warm, humid climates such as Tampa Metro, windows must remain closed at all times to further conserve energy and prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Keeping You Happy and Secure

Travel nurses live close to work when they rent a PadSplit in Tampa.
Travel nurses live close to work when they rent a PadSplit in Tampa.

You and your neighbors are subject to background checks and employment verification, helping ease members’ minds about just who their housemates are. Straightforward membership rules remind PadSplit guests that their comfort depends on adhering to high standards set by PadSplit’s governing body: Covering everything from guest policy to vehicle parking, clearly stated membership rules leave no room for ambiguity, which ensures members can enjoy a well-regulated community from day one.

Healthy Living Consideration

Busy members appreciate the ability to wash laundry on-site, saving time spent keeping scrubs and uniforms work-ready. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to emphasize sanitation and hygiene. While members are responsible for keeping their own residence a clean and secure environment, many PadSplit locations also provide a once-monthly cleaning service targeting collective, shared areas.

Security First

We’re looking for kind, independent, responsible, and respectful members who are open to living in a secure, shared community—but who also know that security is key to making that a reality. At PadSplit, member welfare is a top priority. That’s why access to our sites is strictly controlled and closely monitored. You’ll appreciate that, for security purposes and to keep access limited and privacy ensured, the addresses and lock codes for PadSplit homes are not provided until a member’s move-in day. On move-in day, you’ll receive a welcome email from PadSplit. This email will include your address, newly created front door code, and information about your private room door lock. This information will also appear on your member dashboard.

The information collected during the application process is used to determine your eligibility for membership at PadSplit. Applicants must meet certain criteria to be considered. To further determine members’ suitability, PadSplit’s application process includes stringent screening practices.

Membership Advantages

Traveling nurses finding themselves frequently relocating realize how networking with PadSplit hosts can make moving easier. When you find yourself pulling up stakes and moving across the country, agility is not only nice to have, but essential. PadSplit eliminates security deposits, freeing members from accounting hassles associated with keeping track of what’s been paid toward and what’s been returned from multiple — and expensive — security deposits. And in times of increasing cost of living, trying to find an affordable lease for less than six months is not easy. In today’s volatile rental market, rental prices are increasing, and many complexes require at least a one-year stay with a security deposit and the first month’s rent paid in advance. Members appreciate PadSplit flexibility.

The PadSplit Life

As you and thousands of other nurses switch gears and explore a new, fast-paced traveling nurse lifestyle, it’s time to consider a newer way of lodging that’s more than just a clean, modern furnished room. For your peace of mind and comfort, think smart.

Think PadSplit.

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