Move-out Resources: How PadSplit Helps Members After Their Stay

January 06, 2023

Did you know that PadSplit offers members a letter of recommendation following their move out?

That’s right! After move-out PadSplit will provide members with a free letter of recommendation unique to each individual. Whether a member is moving to a new city, or to a new property, PadSplit is happy to provide a letter of recommendation to further ensure housing stability.

How can a recommendation letter make a difference?

Landlords often look through multiple applicants before deciding which applicant they want to rent their property to. By having a letter of recommendation from PadSplit, previous members can stand out from the crowd when applying for housing.

How do I request a letter of recommendation from PadSplit?

After submitting your move-out request, you can download a letter of recommendation in your dashboard settings.

What goes into the letter of recommendation from PadSplit?

PadSplit letter of recommendations provide information on:

  • A member’s length of stay, and the property they stayed at.
  • Information on a member’s pattern of payment, such as how often they made payments (biweekly or weekly) and if their payments were on time.
  • Positive feedback from members during their stay.
  • A certification that the member passed a background screening (where available), eviction history verification, ID verification, and income verification.

Do I qualify for a letter of recommendation from PadSplit?

In order to qualify for a letter of recommendation from PadSplit, you must satisfy all of the following:

  • You cannot be banned from PadSplit.
  • You cannot be evicted from a PadSplit.
  • You cannot have a negative balance left in your PadSplit account at the time of move-out.
  • You must have at least 2 keys remaining at the time of move-out.
  • You cannot have moved out of a PadSplit home more than 90 days ago.

Thinking of moving out?

For information and questions regarding move-outs, please refer to our Transfer and Move-outs help center.

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