6 Things to Know Before Moving to Houston

July 21, 2022

Houston isn’t just IN Texas, Houston IS Texas. It’s not only the state’s most populous city, it’s also the nation’s fourth-largest. Combine one of the best business climates in the nation with the allure of cosmopolitan living and you have a destination sure to please not only business professionals, students, and tourists but job seekers—all needing affordable housing in Houston. Once mainly known for its energy-related occupations, today’s prospective employees consider Houston key as they pursue careers in such sectors as health, tech, and aeronautics—or at one of its 24 Fortune 500 company headquarters. And, of course, booming industries depend on countless businesses for support, all offering plentiful job opportunities. 

If you are considering a move to Houston and need to control costs, look at Houston’s many advantages, including affordable housing made possible by PadSplit. What you’ll love about Houston:

Reasonable cost of living

The cost of living is affordable in Houston.
The cost of living is affordable in Houston.

According to the Houston New Comer Guide, Houston’s cost of living compares favorably to other metropolitan areas, ranking lower than cities in other locations in the desirable Southeast and Sunbelt.

Top-rated schools 

Dream big! U.S. News reports that the Houston metro area is home to more than a dozen colleges and universities, each one offering educational opportunities to jumpstart or revitalize your career. With a mix of urban and suburban settings, schools in the Houston metro area are known for competitive in-state tuition and degree programs that allow students to tap into life-changing academics.


There's something for everyone in Houston.
There’s something for everyone in Houston.

You can’t beat Houston’s world-class dining, shopping, entertainment, and nightlife. And there’s no shortage of unique and budget-friendly activities, including outdoor theaters, parks, museums, and nature centers. At the end of—or beginning of—a busy day at work, study, or play you can catch a free LED light show on the Rice University campus or stroll through the historic Heights and museum districts. You’ll also want to experience the Washington Avenue area, where Houston’s most popular neighborhoods intersect.

No state income tax

Texas is one of only nine states with no income tax, saving workers approximately 4-12% of the money they earn. Spend, invest, or save—Houstonians control their earnings.


With teams that include the Astros, Texans, Rockets, Dynamo and Dash, and SaberCats, it’s no wonder Houston is one of the premier sports destinations in the U.S. You’ll be in the thick of the sports scene when you walk through the gates of one of the city’s four stadiums full of cheering fans at world-class sporting events ranging from soccer, rugby, NCAA tourneys, and rodeos to Super Bowls. 

PadSplit offers an affordable housing alternative 

Sold on Houston? Then it’s time to look for lodging. With dozens of available units at any given time, you’re sure to find a PadSplit residence right for you. Other rental housing solutions involve much more than monthly rent—expenses can also include down payments, non-refundable deposits, maintenance, and utilities. And in times of inflation, trying to find an affordable lease for less than a full year is not easy. In today’s volatile rental market, prices are skyrocketing, and many complexes require at least a one-year commitment with a security deposit and the first month’s rent paid in advance. PadSplit eliminates those hidden fees for its members. Plus, unlike traditional rentals, the price you’ll pay includes Wi-Fi and utility costs.

Meet some PadSplit members

Jacqueline moved to Houston drawn by its rich assortment of educational opportunities to make her dream of becoming a nurse a reality. Knowing her tenure in Houston will likely be temporary, she initially opted for an Airbnb. But then, reality struck. “I know what I can spend each week because of my budget, and Airbnb was too expensive,” said Jacqueline. “Staying there wasn’t sustainable, but I knew I couldn’t afford an apartment on my own.” 

She dismissed the option of a dormitory. Despite benefits, dorm living comes with potential drawbacks to consider before opting in. They aren’t known for spacious accommodations, and privacy is elusive since most dorm residents have at least one roommate.

A PadSplit furnished room was the solution for Jacqueline. Determined to succeed in a rigorous nursing program, she was glad that her room allowed her plenty of quiet time to study. She discovered that PadSplit offers a 30-day minimum commitment and weekly stay options. Payments can be made weekly or bi-weekly—just the thing for someone like Jacqueline who will be deciding to remain in or to leave Houston once she finishes her degree. 

Across town, Terry also found PadSplit to be the answer to her affordable housing challenge. Owning no vehicle, Terry relied on PadSplit’s knowledge of Houston’s extensive sprawl. Its rooms are located close to major thoroughfares and public transportation hubs. Thanks to PadSplit, she has options to get where she needs to be, including park-and-ride and Metro lines

Having moved from other states, both Jacqueline and Terry worried that making friends and experiencing Houston’s amenities would be difficult. They were happy that in their PadSplit homes, they control the amount of interaction they want and when they want it—all from the comfort of their own space. They found it easy to build a community of friends.

A PadSplit host ensures that homes are move-in ready and members can expect necessary utilities, including Wi-Fi, to be up and running from the start. At first apprehensive about what to expect, Terry said, “I saw pictures of the home ahead of time, and it was gorgeous. The bathroom looked amazing. It even had granite countertops.” PadSplit furnishes the residences to feel like home: Terry’s own linen, artwork, and minimal kitchen supplies ensure additional comfort and further establish a welcome touch of the familiar.

For everyone’s safety, PadMates are subjected to background checks and employment verification, helping ease members’ minds about just who their housemates will be. Straightforward membership rules remind residents that their comfort depends on adhering to high standards set by PadSplit’s governing body: Covering everything from guest policy to vehicle parking, clearly stated membership rules leave no room for ambiguity, which ensures members can enjoy a well-regulated community from day one.

Now, more than ever, it’s essential to emphasize sanitation and hygiene; members are responsible for keeping their residences clean and safe. Many PadSplit locations also provide laundry facilities and a once-monthly cleaning service targeting collective, shared areas.

Members like Jacqueline and Terry are relieved to learn that at PadSplit, their welfare is a top priority. That’s why access to sites is strictly controlled and closely monitored. They appreciate that for security purposes and to ensure limited access and privacy, the address and lock code for PadSplit homes are not provided until a member’s move-in day. On move-in day, they receive a welcome email from PadSplit that includes their address, newly created front door code, and information about their private room door lock.

Members also receive free access to Teladoc, a virtual health care company that allows them to talk to a doctor, therapist, or medical expert anywhere by phone or video. Once the free account is set up, there’s always an expert available to help. Check out the Member Perks page to explore Teladoc and other free and discounted benefits.

Want to see what PadSplit can do for you?

Becoming a PadSplit member is easy! Once approved, you can search for rental rooms, secure your booking, and move in—usually within 48 hours. Not surprisingly, demand is high for PadSplit affordable housing, but we’re continually scouting new and convenient sites to build, renovate, or design. Take a peek at what’s available and planned in the Houston area and then use the drop-downs to find the living arrangement right for you.

There’s something for everyone in Houston 

Hospital systems, tech giants, oil companies, and other industries continue to hire and millions now call Houston home. As you explore Houston’s affordable housing options, find more than a rental—find a place to call home. 

Experience Houston with PadSplit.

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