Like thousands of Americans who seek secure and convenient furnished rooms to rent in and around large cities like Atlanta, Houston, and Tampa each day, Wilford was drawn to the ease and availability of Airbnbs. He appreciated the privacy of having an entire house to himself and could find several options in whichever market suited his requirements. Because owners supplied items he needed to set up housekeeping, from linens to cookware to cleaning supplies, he could simply show up with his clothing, toiletries, and food and make himself at home.

He soon realized, though, that Airbnbs have disadvantages. The privacy and homey atmosphere he enjoyed came with a hefty price tag. When rents and fees aren’t shared with others, Airbnbs are costly. And finding a reliable and trustworthy roommate is tricky without the help of background screenings. Additionally, once you’ve settled into your accommodations, don’t get too comfortable. It’s possible that owners have booked future occupants and will require your vacating, often without much warning. To add insult to injury, you’ll probably be responsible for paying a substantial cleaning fee when you leave.

What Wilford found most troublesome, though, is that while staying at an Airbnb, he did not have a mailing address to use as he applied for employment and later when he landed a job. All while high Airbnb rent payments ate away his savings.  

And then the lightbulb moment—he’d seen PadSplit advertised around Atlanta but assumed that the Atlanta-based company was basically just like Airbnb. As he dug further, though, he discovered some definite PadSplit advantages. Its business model allows residents and renters to stay in newly converted homes and apartments with housemates for rates far less than Airbnb. Just the thing for students, young professionals, and temporarily assigned workers. Or, as in Wilford’s case, job seekers.  

What Wilford found out is that, according to Forbes, PadSplit rooms go for 40% to 50% of the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in PadSplit’s markets, with no required minimum credit score or security deposit. Plus, homes typically are located near job centers and public transit. Forbes goes on to report that in addition to having an affordable place to live, residents save an average of $516 a month. That’s allowed many to build credit histories and move into their own apartments—some have even bought homes.

That means that, with PadSplit, not only do residents pay less rent while living in furnished rooms located in such exciting urban areas as Atlanta, Houston, and Tampa, they can bank their savings. 

PadSplit pros:

Utilities are included with affordable housing at PadSplit!
Utilities are included with affordable housing at PadSplit!

A PadSplit furnished room—complete with a permanent address—was the solution for Wilford. He discovered that PadSplit offers a 30-day minimum commitment and weekly stay options, much more flexible than an Airbnb arrangement. He can make rent payments weekly or bi-weekly. Plus, unlike traditional rentals, the price he pays for his fully furnished room in Atlanta includes Wi-Fi, utility costs, and telemedicine, all with no required minimum credit score or security deposit.  

 Like many big-city residents who opt out of vehicle ownership, Wilford relies on PadSplit’s extensive knowledge of Atlanta’s ongoing growth. Its homes are typically located close to major employers and public transportation hubs. Thanks to PadSplit, he always has options to get where he needs to be, including bus and MARTA lines

Since Wilford works from home, he controls the amount of interaction with PadMates he wants and when it’s convenient for his work schedule. He’s found it easy to build a community of friends and looks forward to diving into Atlanta’s many attractions with them as his work schedule allows.

A PadSplit host ensures that rooms are move-in ready, and members can expect necessary utilities, including Wi-Fi, to be up and running from the start. PadSplit furnishes the residences to feel like home, and Wilford’s own linen, artwork, and basic kitchen supplies ensure additional comfort and further establish a welcome touch of the familiar.

He was glad to learn that for everyone’s security, PadMates are subjected to background checks and employment verification, helping ease members’ minds about who their PadMates are. Straightforward membership rules remind residents that their comfort depends on following high standards set by PadSplit’s governing body. Covering everything from guest policy to vehicle parking, clearly stated membership rules leave no room for ambiguity, which ensures members can enjoy a well-regulated community from day one. There’s also a 24/7 customer service call center available to handle any issues that may arise. 

Now, more than ever, it’s essential to emphasize sanitation and hygiene and members are responsible for keeping their residences clean and secure. Many PadSplit locations also provide laundry facilities and a once-monthly cleaning service targeting collective, shared areas.

Members like Wilford are relieved to learn that, at PadSplit, their welfare is a top priority. That’s why access to sites is strictly controlled and closely monitored. They appreciate that for security purposes and to ensure limited access and privacy, the address and lock code for PadSplit homes are not provided until a member’s move-in day. On move-in day, they receive a welcome email from PadSplit that includes their address, newly created front door code, and information about their private room door lock.

Members also appreciate free access to Teladoc, a virtual health care company that allows them to talk to a doctor, therapist, or medical expert anywhere by phone or video. Once the free account is set up, there’s always an expert available to help. Check out the Member Perks page to explore Teladoc and other free and discounted benefits.

An eye toward the future

Living in a PadSplit is also an improvement over Airbnb because members’ once-a-week all-inclusive bill covers the private furnished room and all utilities, and includes free credit reporting. PadSplit reports membership payments to help them build their credit histories and financial footprint. Through a partnership with Esusu, 95% of PadSplit members have seen an improvement in their credit scores. More than 2,700 members have established a credit score for the first time and 95% have seen an increase in their credit score.

Want to see what PadSplit can do for you?

Becoming a PadSplit member is easy. Once approved, you can search for rental rooms, secure your booking, and move in—usually within 48 hours. Not surprisingly, demand is high for PadSplit affordable housing, but they continually scout new and convenient sites to build, renovate, or design. Take a peek at what’s available and planned in the Atlanta area and then use the drop-downs to find the living arrangement right for you.

There’s a home for everyone at PadSplit

There's a home for everyone at PadSplit!
There’s a home for everyone at PadSplit!

Since 2017, PadSplit has been providing secure and affordable housing in such metropolitan areas as Atlanta, Houston, and Tampa. Now, it’s increasing the number of furnished rooms it offers by branching out into new markets like Dallas, Indianapolis, New Orleans, and San Antonio as well as smaller communities. If you want the comfort and home atmosphere of an Airbnb, take a moment now to discover how PadSplit not only favorably compares to but forges ahead of Airbnb. 

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