Looking for an Atlanta place to call home? Here are 3 options

October 27, 2022

Atlanta is an ideal place to live for its great attractions, tech industry, and cultural richness – but what about when it comes to finding affordable housing? 

Three housing options to fit your needs

If you’re looking for a room for rent, you’re in luck, as there are plenty of options to fit different needs in this metro area. Depending on your budget, you can rent a room in a house with shared living spaces (a growing trend called “coliving”), lease a studio apartment for more solitude, or secure a whole house (if you’re looking for an even more long-term solution).  

Cheaper rooms for rent in Atlanta? You bet

One affordable option in the City of Trees is to rent a room in a PadSplit. This coliving alternative is a great way to save money and meet new people, as you’ll be sharing your space with others who are also looking to move forward. As an added bonus, the rooms are already furnished, making move-ins an easy feat. PadSplits also allow access to the central neighborhoods that might otherwise be unaffordable, helping residents cut down on commute times while also providing easier access to public transportation and local attractions (this city has a vibrant restaurant and music scene after all). One additional benefit that PadSplit residents appreciate is the ability to move in quickly and forego a lease (meaning no long-term commitment). There are PadSplits in various neighborhoods around Atlanta to choose from and availability regularly changes so be sure to frequently check options to find the right one to call home. 

Small spaces can offer renters an economical advantage

If you’re looking for more privacy in Atlanta, a studio apartment might be a better option. These apartments can be a great fit for those who are willing to sign a year lease and prefer solo living over the cost savings that come from coliving. You can find a basic studio that’s ready for you to make your personal mark with furniture and decor, or you can splurge on one of the fully-equipped studios you can find around the city. One downside for some is that many studios are in multi-unit buildings and don’t offer a genuine neighborhood experience. 

The long-term renter’s top choice

For those looking for a more permanent arrangement to settle into, a larger apartment or house rental is a great option. If finances aren’t a challenge, you have a selection of various sizes and styles throughout Atlanta – though as housing becomes more expensive around the city, this option may be less appealing to those looking for affordable housing. 

Our best advice? Make your rental work for you

No matter your budget and preferences, there are plentiful options for renting in Atlanta – but your first step is to identify your primary goal: save money and grow your credit? Have more space? Once you’ve identified your key needs, examine how that aligns with your housing budget. With a little research, you can easily find the perfect place for you.

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