PadSplit helped Yorkie save for a new home.


How PadSplit is helping Yorkie save for a new home

PadSplit Member Yorkie grew up in what he dubbed “the capital of suburban New York: Long Island.” He says the community was terrific, and it felt a lot like the television show The Wonder Years. 

“Everyone knew everyone. You had all your friends nearby and hung out at the community swimming pool in the summertime. It’s been 30 years, and I still keep in touch with people from my childhood.”

As much as he loved his hometown, Yorkie knew it was time to venture out in his early 20’s, and he joined a company in the logistics business. His job took him to a few different cities over the years, and he eventually settled down in Montgomery, AL. 

But three years ago, Yorkie had a great opportunity to join a furniture company in Atlanta. It was going to be a big move from where he was living at the time, but he says it was too good to pass up. 

“Atlanta is the epicenter of development and technology. A lot of things are going on here in Atlanta, and it just felt right.”

He needed a place to live, so he did what most people do and signed a one-year lease at a local complex.

Working in the shuttle division of his company, Yorkie does a lot of “out and back” drives but gets to be home in the evenings. With Covid-19 and the supply chain issues, Yorkie says he’s been working seven days a week, so he was rarely home. When his lease was up, he started looking for alternative rental methods and found PadSplit.

“The concept of PadSplit is tremendous. It’s a beautiful idea to give people an opportunity to live in a clean, safe environment. Not to mention the rent is incredible.”

Yorkie submitted his membership application, and thanks to his job, was quickly approved. He spent some time browsing rooms on the site until he found the perfect option. He quickly clicked “Book” and officially moved in October 2021.

“Initially, people are strangers, but collectively, it’s still a house. When I walk in each night, II think, ‘I’m coming home to my home.’”

Yorkie says PadSplit gives him a sense of security because he knows that he has a strong organization on his side. “If I’m renting a room anywhere, it will be through PadSplit. There’s a real sense of security here at PadSplit. I abide by the rules, and as long as I do that, PadSplit will always be fair.”

“It’s comforting to know I’m not working with a landlord or apartment complex who could change my rent anytime they want. I know the quality of what I’m getting, and my Host is responsive to our maintenance needs.”

But Yorkie has his eyes set on a home of his own. He’s currently working with a realtor to find a place of his own, but he says he’s in no rush to leave PadSplit.

“PadSplit has been so good to me, and being here affords me the ability to take my time and find the right place. Since I don’t have a lease, I know the transition will be seamless when it’s time.”

Yorkie’s journey to financial independence is one we hear a lot at PadSplit. Many Members see PadSplit as a way to take a step towards starting the next chapter in their lives. With flexible, affordable housing, they can focus on writing a new story — one room at a time. Become a PadSplit Member today.

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