From homeless to his own apartment, thanks to PadSplit.

After going through some tough times, William, age 46, became homeless last Thanksgiving. A divorce had hurt his financial standing, and he was left with no other option than to live in his car.

Because he wasn’t able to qualify for traditional apartments, he ended up paying egregious rates at a weekly motel, paying $350 a week for an unsightly room.

William had a job – actually two jobs – working at a church and assembling furniture through TaskRabbit to make ends meet. He was working 40-50 hours per week, but it still wasn’t enough to find quality housing around Houston.

While searching for room rentals online, he thankfully discovered PadSplit and put in an application.

“PadSplit is such a good idea”

PadSplit provided William with the stability he was looking for.

“It gave me a place to call home, a place to store my tools,” said William. “I enjoy using the kitchen, and I like having a backyard to sit in. PadSplit is such a good idea”

The location of his PadSplit is only 12 miles away from his job, so it’s a good commute for him with his personal vehicle. “There’s also a bus stop that’s less than a mile away if you don’t have a car,” he noted.

William was happy to have the opportunity to transfer to other PadSplits, when needed. He moved between three different PadSplits within his nearly three-month stay, to find the situation and location that was best suited for his needs.

“It’s inevitable that you may not always get along with your roommates, so it’s nice that PadSplit gives you the option to try a different house.” William’s second home ended up being too long of a commute, so he moved again into his current PadSplit, thanks to the company’s flexible terms.

Moving into his own apartment!

The biggest benefit to living in a PadSplit, says William, is the ability to save money. 

“It’s not possible to beat the prices, especially compared to what I was paying for a weekly or nightly hotel,” said William. “It’s been a blessing all the way around.”

After staying in a PadSplit for only a few months, William said he was able to save up enough money to move into his own apartment, which he’s moving into this week. He credits PadSplit’s affordability as the only reason he was able to get into his own place so quickly.

Because of PadSplit, William went from sleeping in his car to being in his own apartment.

Many residents use PadSplit as a stepping stone in their financial journey. Like William, PadSplit members are able to save money, quickly, and use those savings toward greater financial independence in the form of their own vehicle, apartment or to even purchase their own home.

Congrats William and thank you for choosing us in Houston!

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