Choosing PadSplit made moving to Jacksonville for a temporary job easy for Venetia


PadSplit enabled Venetia to get to know Jacksonville, while she was filling a temporary role for her company

With staff shortages abounding, Venetia’s company asked her to consider taking on a temporary role in Jacksonville, Florida. Venetia was happy to try it out, so she started planning for a quick move from her hometown of Orlando.

Knowing she may not be there too long, Venetia didn’t want to have to fork over a large security deposit. She began researching opportunities to rent out a room or find an extended stay hotel, and she was pleasantly surprised to come across PadSplit during her online search. She checked into the company and saw that she could stay for as long or as little as she wanted and that there would be no security deposits. The rooms looked nice, and she’d have access to a kitchen and a washer/dryer and wouldn’t need to worry about bringing along a lot of furniture. It almost seemed too good to be true.

She applied and was approved right away, giving her the freedom to transfer to Jacksonville without a long and drawn-out apartment search process.

A convenient move-in and room transfer process

When she arrived at her PadSplit, Venetia did indeed like the home and thought her room was nice, but she realized she preferred a slightly larger bedroom. She learned that her current home had a vacancy for a larger room, so she contacted PadSplit and was able to transfer easily and conveniently, with no additional move-in costs because PadSplit allows for one no-cost transfer for any current Member.

She also has an easy commute to her workplace, usually only a 20-25 minute drive. And her PadMates keep to themselves, while also being considerate of each other with tasks such as bringing each other their mail and packages.

Venetia appreciates being able to use the fully-functional kitchen and the washer and dryer. She noted that there was a plumbing issue with the washer, but that the PadSplit team communicated often with the property owner to resolve the issue.

Considering PadSplit longer term

Venetia says that her overall PadSplit experience has been very positive, and she’s already recommended it as an option to others because of its convenient move-in process, flexible terms, and the affordability. She originally planned to use PadSplit to get to know the Jacksonville area better and then transition into a traditional apartment. But, Venetia is now so fond of PadSplit, that she’s considering relocating to another PadSplit home that would allow for an even shorter commute.

Thank you, Venetia, for giving us a try as you get to know a new city and fill a temporary assignment. PadSplit has helped other individuals fill temporary roles as well, including Adolphus’ experience as he moved to Houston for a new job.

Move in and move up

Our Members save an average of $420 a month living in a PadSplit.