PadSplit helps Tamiya pursue the American Dream


Never gave up on her dreams of working in education and ultimately owning a home

PadSplit’s mission is to solve the affordable housing crisis one room at a time. We use housing as a vehicle to create holistic affordability and financial independence for the millions of Americans most in need. This is a series on the people we serve.

Tamiya moved from Texas to pursue her dream of education. The baby of four, she had a good childhood with a loving family. She moved to Atlanta to get her degree in Early Childhood Education at Clark Atlanta University. Upon graduation, she started her career as a paraprofessional (teacher’s assistant) on the career path she’d always wanted.

Unfortunately for Tamiya, she endured a really tough situation in her personal life around that time, and she was forced to make a change quickly. But she never gave up on her dreams of working in education and ultimately owning a home.

After searching online for roommates, she stumbled upon PadSplit.

“It’s affordable. I didn’t have to sign a contract. Plus, I could leave at any point. I didn’t want to be under any contract. The next contract I sign will be a mortgage.”

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For Tamiya, owning her own home is the quintessential mark of “success”. The schooling, the long nights, the endless work — everything culminates in homeownership.

The American Dream.

Our Members often come to us just looking for a room but find an opportunity where they can build savings for homeownership, entrepreneurship, travel — financial freedom. These things that were out of reach now seem attainable. Our Members are each on their own path, and we help set the guideposts and provide the tools so they reach their ultimate goals, one room at a time.

Move in and move up

Our Members save an average of $420 a month living in a PadSplit.