PadSplit gave Richard the quiet space he needed to jumpstart his podcast and writing career


Before moving to Atlanta, Richard called Los Angeles home. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit and California went on lockdown, Richard decided to head east to visit friends. 

After realizing the cost of living was much cheaper in Atlanta, Richard found a job and made the move permanent. He spent a few months couch-surfing with friends and family before looking for housing. That’s when he found PadSplit. 

Richard says he asked a lot of questions about PadSplit before he moved in and the team answered all of them. 

I just realized it’s convenient and safe with background checks. You’re not just handing someone money. You’re protected, you’re able to save, and you aren’t going to be scammed. The liability goes down because you aren’t forced to move if your roommate has to move or can’t pay their rent.”

Richard’s Host, Jean, was a former PadSplit Member who used his savings to purchase a home he now rents through PadSplit. “Jean was a huge help. As soon as I moved in, he asked me what my goals were and was ready to support me.”

Increased savings and a higher credit score

Since moving in, Richard’s credit score has increased by 60 points, thanks to PadSplit’s credit reporting through Esusu. 

“I was able to save more than I needed. In the beginning, I was just going to use PadSplit until I could afford to get my own place. But after talking to my fiancée and family, I realized it made the most sense for me to stay at PadSplit to keep saving money and building my credit.”

Staying at PadSplit gave Richard the space he needed to really dig into his writing, ministry, and music career. He launched the Stopped by Grace podcast in 2019 and continued creating weekly episodes. 

“I got the idea from my personal life experiences. I knew I wanted to use my story of addiction and recovery to help and motivate others, but then the audience got even bigger. Now, I preach on how to help others renew their minds, know who they are and see who they are called to be.”

Richard says it wouldn’t have been possible without PadSplit.

“PadSplit gave me a quiet space to reflect on my past and write.”

After nearly a year living in his PadSplit, Richard said goodbye to his PadMates earlier this, moved to Delaware, and gained a new roommate: a wife. Because he wasn’t locked into a long lease and was paying by the week, it made his big move stress-free. 

Richard is looking forward to continuing to create content for Stopped by Grace Ministries and launching a new podcast, One Flesh Podcast, with his wife.

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Move in and move up

Our Members save an average of $420 a month living in a PadSplit.