Prioritizing wellness and achieving her dreams

Like so many Americans, family healthcare costs left PadSplit member Paula without many options

It wasn’t that long ago that PadSplit Member Paula owned her own home and business. As a mom to three kids, of course she prioritized their well-being and, as an only child herself, that of her mom’s.

So when her mom started struggling with dementia, she “did what was necessary” by selling her Douglasville home, moving in with her mom, and paying off her mom’s debts and healthcare costs. Then her mom’s doctor told Paula that independent living was no longer an option and that she’d need to move her mother into a nursing home.

This was another financial challenge, but Paula used what savings she had to take care of her mom, while helping however she could with putting her own kids through college. She also used funds to fix up her truck to help it last for as long as possible.

Paula had a job as a shuttle bus driver that was providing her steady income to stay afloat at the time. Unfortunately she was terminated from her job, and this left her without any income, so she was forced to live in her truck for several days per week, when she couldn’t afford the costly hotel rates where she had been living. Over the course of three years, she endured weather conditions including uncomfortable heat, loud rain and colder temperatures when on-again-off-again living in her vehicle.

When her kids found out this was happening, they chipped in as much as she would let them with money for insurance and gas.

Things changed for Paula when one of the hotel employees where she lived told her about PadSplit.

Paula has been living in her PadSplit home since April, and she says it feels like PadSplit is her family when away from her actual family. Her “beautiful PadSplit” home was recently remodeled, and she loves the features and the fact that it’s in a quiet neighborhood near her three children. As someone who has worked in mental health and who enjoys listening, Paula has loved meeting her various PadMates and getting to know different people. She chuckled as she relayed how she is the oldest individual living in her PadSplit, and is living alongside someone who is 35 years her junior.

“PadSplit has been such a blessing in my life.”

With her living situation now stable, and with access to the wifi that’s included at no additional cost in her PadSplit, Paula has been able to focus getting back on her feet. She’s currently working a part-time job and taking online training that will hopefully transition to more full-time employment. She’s also on a waitlist to receive a Housing Choice Voucher for Carrollton, and she’s optimistic that will further help her financially, although she’s unsure of how long she’ll remain on the waiting list.

Paula has truly enjoyed her experience with PadSplit and is grateful she learned about it when she did.

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