Stephen was struggling to pay the high rent in Atlanta while working two jobs.

Stephen was struggling to pay the high rent in Atlanta while working two jobs.

Stephen, age 32, relocated to Atlanta from Florida several years ago. Balancing two jobs— one at a major airline and another at a hotel— he, like many frontline workers, is driven by financial advancement.

Despite the demanding schedule inherent to hospitality work, Stephen finds himself rarely at home due to the necessity to cover what he describes as “outrageous” monthly rents typical of conventional apartment rentals in metro Atlanta. Moreover, the upfront expenses, such as application fees, security deposits, and the additional cost of furnishing, add to the financial strain. With no personal vehicle, he relies on public transportation to manage his commute.

Working in hospitality for one job can already be long hours, but with two, Stephen isn’t home enough to afford any of the “ridiculous” monthly rents offered by traditional apartment rentals in metro Atlanta. Not to mention the upfront costs, including application fees, security deposits, and associated moving purchases like furniture. Without a personal vehicle, he also needs access to public transportation to make his commute manageable.

So when Stephen found PadSplit after searching online, he thought it would be the perfect living arrangement to sustain his busy lifestyle in the city. 

Great location, great roommates, great host

Stephen’s PadSplit is located in West Atlanta, providing him access to MARTA. 

He appreciates his coliving situation, stating he gets along well with his roommates. “Everyone is polite when I see them in the common areas. I’m actually sitting in the common area now, and it’s very comfortable.”

His PadSplit host and PadMates take great care of the home, and the host responds quickly to any maintenance issues when needed.

Stephen likes getting to know people from “all walks of life,” saying this is an important part of considering living in a PadSplit. “You have to be willing to appreciate people who may be different from you.”

He says his neighborhood is also quiet and that the PadSplit home fits in well with the surrounding area. 

Saving for financial independence

Since living in his PadSplit, Stephen notes he has improved his credit score and saved a lot more money than he would with other housing options. His financial goals are the same as everyone else’s: he wants to move up the financial ladder and work toward greater independence and financial freedom.

He soon hopes to move to another PadSplit with a private bathroom and then save enough to move into his own apartment. 

“I definitely recommend PadSplit! It can be a really great opportunity for anyone who wants to save,” says Stephen. “I have no complaints and am grateful to have found PadSplit.”

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