After divorce and disability, PadSplit helps Mike rebuild.


Like many people in their fifties, Mike found himself at a crossroads in his life. He recently divorced, and though it was amicable, the separation took a toll on his finances.

He also suffered from chronic health issues that left him unable to work his corporate job. So at age 55, Mike needed to find an affordable place to live that allowed him to 1) rebuild his savings, 2) visit his three children, and 3) live comfortably while managing his health — all on a fixed income from his disability pay.

Mike had been renting a house in the suburbs of Richmond, Va., and it was affordable enough. But the problem was that his landlord refused to care for the property. He often faced plumbing issues with sinks and toilets, and the situation was not a good experience as a result.

He heard about PadSplit several months ago, but the locations were not suitable for him. He was thrilled to be invited to an open house in fall 2022 with a new location that checked all his boxes. Rooms in that particular house were not available right away, but Mike was so impressed by the accommodations that he moved into a nearby PadSplit, while waiting for the ideal location to open up.

“This is not what people expect when they hear the term rooming house,” said Mike. “PadSplit homes are clean and spacious, with modern amenities that allow you to live comfortably. It’s a perfect fit for what I — and so many others in situations like mine — need to stabilize their finances.”

Comfort and convenience

Mike lived in the first PadSplit for three weeks and has now moved into a home in Mechanicsville, which is the ideal location for him.

“I’m close enough to visit my kids, and I’m very close to my church, where I attend services every week. I’m a spiritual person so this was important to me.”

Living with his disability, Mike also appreciates how comfortable the house is for him. He keeps to himself for the most part and enjoys watching television from the comfort of his room. He says the mattress is firm and of strong quality. He cooks 2-3 times per day, making full use of the kitchen, and he does laundry once per week.

“At my age, I don’t need a huge place to care for,” says Mike. “I have everything I need in my PadSplit home. It’s quiet, comfortable and exceptionally clean.”

He’s met two of his other PadMates, but he says they also keep to themselves or work long hours. 

“So it still feels like this is the perfect set up for a new bachelor like me,” he adds.

Saving up for his next step

With his rent and all utilities built into one weekly fee, Mike is able to budget accordingly and save money each month. He’s also rebuilding his credit score which was hurt during his divorce.

With the financial empowerment that PadSplit provides, Mike is planning to save up first for a car and then to purchase his own apartment or possibly even a new home. He knows that improving his credit score will qualify him for better rates, which saves even more money in the long run.

He’s planning to stay in his PadSplit for at least six months to a year, and he’s told many of his friends about the model as well.

“It’s so easy and convenient. I’m saving money every month. PadSplit helps me to live my life and be more comfortable than I could be otherwise. I’m very blessed to be here.”

Move in and move up

Our Members save an average of $420 a month living in a PadSplit.