Born into a family of artists, Mariah has always been surrounded by creativity


I’m always so inspired when I come to the city.

PadSplit’s mission is to solve the affordable housing crisis one room at a time. We use housing as a vehicle to create holistic affordability and financial independence for the millions of Americans most in need. This is a series on the people we serve.

Born into a family of artists, Mariah has always been surrounded by creativity. Her dad writes music and her mother is a painter; so art was a big part of her life, with the outdoors being a source of inspiration. As a child, she did a lot of hiking and exploration of nature. But as she got older, the vibrance of city life began to attract her more.

“I’m always so inspired when I come to the city. I’m a writer and do a lot of art stuff. Every time I would come to the city on the weekend, I would go back home and write better. I would just come back with so much energy.”

She knew that Atlanta was the next step in her creative journey.

Moving from Kennesaw, Mariah came to the metropolitan area looking to do one thing — create. But she needed a place to live. She wanted independence, but a sense of community. Nice amenities, but low-costs. A house, but also a home.

With a quick Google search, she came across PadSplit. Communal living, beautiful interiors, and a neighborhood feel — PadSplit was perfect.

“I love the kitchen. It is so beautiful. I love my room. I like the light. This house is actually a block away from my grandmother’s. So it was a super nostalgic [feeling] when I realized what neighborhood I was in. I’m so close to where I used to come as a kid.”

As Mariah has settled in, she has found her artistic path as well. She serves as the Creative Director for a local church where she designs devotionals and manages all communications with the community. She is also a part of a group of writers in the congregation. Together they are working to publish a home-life inspired magazine rooted in Christianity named “Gather.” This booklet will showcase what a normal, healthy, balanced life looks like through the lens of minimalism.

Mariah has manifested her ideal life in Atlanta, and she’s having positive impact on the world around her. We are grateful to be a part of it.

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