Rebuilding her life and finding community


Julie shared what it was like moving to the city and how PadSplit helped her regain the sense of community she had back home.

We spoke with Julie who moved to Atlanta to rebuild her life. She’s a self-described country girl from Ludowici, Georgia.

PadSplit: Where are you originally from? 

Julie: I’m from Ludowici, Georgia. It’s a small country town where everyone knows each other, looks out for each other, and you’re free to roam.

PadSplit: What was it like growing up in Ludowici?

Julie: It’s a small country town where everyone knows each other, looks out for each other, and you’re free to roam.

PadSplit:  Why did you move to Atlanta?

Julie:  Well, before I moved to Atlanta, I had moved to Hinesville, Georgia to live on my husband’s family farm. Hinesville is bigger than Ludowici but still has that small town feel and everyone looks out for each other. When my marriage ended, I knew I needed a change of pace. So, I decided to move to Atlanta.

PadSplit:  Oh, wow. That’s a big change. What was it like when  you moved here?

Julie:  Atlanta is edgy in ways that can shock a country girl. It was a big adjustment. I was also surprised by the lack of affordable housing in safe neighborhoods. I first rented a room in a sketchy part of town. My housemates were disruptive and messy. I couldn’t get any sleep. It was twenty-four seven. The cursing, the banging, the yelling. It got so bad that I would get a hotel for the weekend to get some sleep. My landlord wasn’t around and did nothing to help. I just had a bad experience because it was a crime-ridden and drug-infested neighborhood.

PadSplit:  I’m sorry. That must have been a terrible experience. What did you do?

Julie:  I knew I had to find something else. While riding MARTA one day, I saw an ad for PadSplit and decided to give it a try. I like that it offered affordable housing in safe neighborhoods and that all of the people I’d be living with were vetted.

PadSplit:  And what’s your living situation like now?

Julie:  I live in a clean house near public transportation with respectful, responsible people. My PadMates have actually become like family. PadSplit helped me regain the sense of community I had in Ludowici and Hinesville and build my new life in Atlanta.

PadSplit:  That’s awesome. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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