How PadSplit kept Jessie off the streets


PadSplit helped turn his life around.

“The thoughts I was having.” Jessie was emotional. The 32-year-old aspiring artist hadn’t talked about the struggle like this before. You could see him process it all even as he described it.

“I was thinking about ending my own life.”

Jessie had come from the south-side Chicago streets through Athens, Ga., through family trauma, through life as a college student studying in Barcelona, filled with potential, to find himself on the edge of homelessness, couch-surfing his way through Atlanta.

PadSplit altered his trajectory.

“It’s been a life-changer, a lifesaver. I didn’t know anything like this existed. I’ve been telling everyone about it.”

PadSplit helped turn his life around. From the brink of homelessness to unbridled happiness. PadSplit offered Jessie the ability to consolidate his housing expenses so that he could be better prepared for life’s curveballs, all while improving his quality of life. “Now and then, I’ll see a white girl run up the street. My sister came up and said, “You’re right by the Beltline.” I’m in a good neighborhood. I was excited. Finding PadSplit has taken a massive weight off of my shoulders. Financially, it works for me.” said Jessie.

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PadSplit gave Jessie the mental space to focus on his passions and build the life that he desired. “I have a music business, an LLC. I haven’t been able to do anything with it before now. I play my guitar and piano. I have a studio set up in my room. Having the stability to know where I’m going to sleep today, and that I’m going to have a roof over my head tomorrow. Where I was before, I couldn’t set it up. I wasn’t sure.”

Exploring one’s interest without economic pressure is what financial freedom is about — the freedom to choose your path and to decide your destiny.

“I’m going through a career change. I’m a bartender right now. I’m looking for another job — it’s the slow season. In the place that I’m in, I can afford not to be scheduled. The goal is to move closer and closer to entrepreneurial ventures.”

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Jessie is resilient. Jessie knew that he was placed on this Earth for a reason after experiencing two near-fatal car crashes.

“My life was spared then and was spared in the most recent accident. Those experiences just let me know that I have a purpose, and I’m appreciative of PadSplit being a part of that purpose.”

To be there when you go through a rough time in life. To be an ecosystem of support and to ultimately help you be the best person that you can be. That is what PadSplit embodies.

Check out a song from Jessie here.

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