Gregory Jr.

Building a business with his PadSplit savings


Building a business with his PadSplit savings.

When 2020 threw PadSplit Member Gregory a curveball, he channeled his energy into a new goal. Thanks to the money he’s saved as a Member for the past year, Gregory was able to open a studio for his shoe line, KING + PROPER.

“I’ve lived in an apartment by myself, but I know if I went back there, I wouldn’t be able to afford both. With PadSplit, I get a nice place to live without worrying about paying my bills or pursuing my dreams.”

But this is just the beginning for Gregory. He has big plans for his business for the year ahead and plans to stay in his PadSplit to save money and bring his dreams to life.

Gregory’s journey to financial independence is one we hear a lot at PadSplit. Many Members see PadSplit as a way for them to gain control in other areas of their lives. With flexible, affordable, safe housing, they can focus on writing a new story — one room at a time.

Move in and move up

Our Members save an average of $420 a month living in a PadSplit.