PadSplit helped Felicia buy a car

PadSplit helped Felicia buy a car

Like many PadSplit Members, Felicia is employed full-time and often works extra jobs.

Before moving into her very first PadSplit this April, Felicia Garner was living in a hotel and paying $350 per week for her room. While the room itself was nice, it was pricey and rendered Felicia unable to afford a monthly car payment. With MARTA access as spotty as it can be in metro Atlanta, and with it being even worse with COVID precautions in place, Felicia was unable to get to where she wanted to go.

Luckily, her son told her about PadSplit

She moved in and immediately saw the benefits start to hit her wallet. With her savings each week, Felicia was quickly able to afford a working car that’s “in great shape and gets to me wherever I need to go.” She was also able to purchase a phone and a laptop with her savings, which has helped her to stay more connected to her friends and family.

Like many PadSplit Members, Felicia is employed full-time and often works extra jobs. Her primary income comes from working at a chain grocery store full-time, and she occasionally works as a delivery driver as well to help make ends meet. Since becoming a PadSplit Member, she’s also taken advantage of the included membership access to Wonolo, a job staffing service, which she has appreciated because of the quick payment turnaround after picking up half a dozen jobs.

PadSplit just feels like home

Felicia loves her PadSplit, not just because of the money she’s saving each month, but also because “it just feels like home.” The kitchen is always empty, enabling her to cook whenever she likes, and she’s also in the process of setting up a dinner amongst her PadMates so they can get to know each other better. Her PadMates mostly keep to themselves, she says, although they leave the front porch light on for her because they know she sometimes works late shifts.

For Felicia, the freedom of having a car has been life-changing. She’s been able to become a delivery driver, but she also uses the car for her own enjoyment. She loves going to Six Flags as a season pass holder, and she loves being able to help drive her friends around who don’t have cars themselves.

She’s even trying to get some of her friends to become PadSplit Members, so they experience some of the same benefits she has experienced.

At PadSplit, we’re grateful to be able to help Felicia on her journey toward financial independence and hope to be able to do the same for others, one room at a time.

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