Ebere says PadSplit is perfect for anyone moving to a new city


Moving to a new city is hard. There’s a lot of logistics involved for anyone – even for someone whose dayjob is in logistics.

Ebere is a 25-year-old logistics analyst. He recently moved to the Orlando area after growing up in Atlanta and attending Georgia Southern University. In moving to a new city, Ebere needed to first find a place to live. 

In today’s crazy housing market, that’s easier said than done.

Ebere searched for an apartment. But even with a job earning a steady income, that wasn’t really possible. Many apartments didn’t have any availability. And every apartment had an application process and fee, required a security deposit and required a higher monthly income than what Ebere could qualify for.

Because he couldn’t find an apartment, Ebere opted to stay in AirBnBs. But there were a few problems with this. First, AirBnBs were expensive, far more than what Ebere hoped to pay for housing. Second, they had strict rules which didn’t allow for a lot of flexibility. And, third, the AirBnBs were all short-term stays which meant that Ebere was constantly packing up his stuff to move to another location, most of the time which was not close to his job.

This wasn’t really sustainable. Ebere was happy to hear about PadSplit from his mom as another option.

PadSplit saves Ebere $600 per month and time for his commute

PadSplit, in contrast to the AirBnBs, was far, far more affordable. Ebere saw some room options which he liked, and so he applied and moved in quickly. 

He’s been living in his PadSplit for nearly two months and estimates he is saving $600 per month when compared to living in AirBnBs. His PadSplit location also affords him a shorter commute of only 22 minutes, whereas he was spending 45 minutes on his commute when staying in the various AirBnBs.

Ebere’s experience living in a PadSplit has been great overall. The monthly savings helps him to save up for his own apartment, which he hopes to do soon, since he’d like to get a dog. But in the meantime, Ebere is making full use of the kitchen and laundry room in his home. He loves to cook and appreciates having the kitchen for the days when he’s able to work from home. He also notes that he has more flexibility than living in an AirBnB, which was very restrictive in terms of its rules.

Finally, Ebere said his property owner has been very responsive to any maintenance requests.

“PadSplit seems like the perfect option for anyone who is moving to a new city,” said Ebere. “It provides a great semi-permanent place to stay while you learn about the new town and can help you save up money for your own place.”

Welcome to Orlando, Ebere! We’re happy to help you find a place to live that meets all your needs! For anyone else looking for a place to settle-in, check out our available rooms in Orlando or the nine other cities where PadSplit is located!

Move in and move up

Our Members save an average of $420 a month living in a PadSplit.