PadSplit gave Deneece the community she needed as an empty-nester


PadSplit’s mission is to solve the affordable housing crisis one room at a time.

We use housing as a vehicle to create holistic affordability and financial independence for the millions of Americans most in need. This is a series on the people that we are serving.

Empty nest syndrome is a feeling of grief parents feel when their children leave home. Although not a clinical condition, many older adults are faced with this when their children become adults themselves. This is the case of Deneece, one of our PadSplit members. Coming from Las Vegas, Nevada, Deneece needed a change of pace when she was faced with loneliness after her son left the house. A former hairstylist and currently a seamstress in Atlanta’s Buckhead area, Deneece was fulfilled, but not at home.

“When my son left, I just didn’t want to live alone again.”

This desire for camaraderie attracted Deneece to PadSplit. A co-living situation allowed Deneece to develop relationships with new people. Once she moved in, she quickly took on the role of the “Mother of the House”. She cooks for the other housemates and decorates the living quarters to make everyone comfortable.

“I wanted a place that felt like family.”

Family is a theme at PadSplit. We often see members develop an affinity for one another. When sharing space and working together as a team to make for a better life, the values and standards of PadSplit are easily realized.

You naturally begin to be respectful, help out, and take ownership.

Not only do these soft skills begin to develop, but so does the natural financial byproduct of affordable housing. With lower costs, brings additional free cash flow. Some members use these additional funds to pay towards debt or save for a house — Deneece chooses to travel. Every chance that gets, she drives or flies to see her family.

“Being here affords me the privilege to travel as much as I want to.”

Financial freedom and family, two things that PadSplit strengthens…one room at a time.

Move in and move up

Our Members save an average of $420 a month living in a PadSplit.