Saving money for life’s curveballs


Andriea shares how PadSplit gives her the flexibility, affordability, and security she needs to work towards goals.

We spoke with Andriea, an Atlanta native, who found PadSplit when life threw her some big curveballs. One of them was the government shutdown of 2018 and she lost her income.

PadSplit: Where are you originally from?

Andriea: I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. In fact, my mom lived right down the street.

PadSplit: Really? Atlanta’s so diverse, it’s rare to meet someone from here. What was it like growing up in Atlanta?

Andriea: It was fun! I’ve got 4 sisters and 2 brothers. I was athletic, kind of tomboy-ish. I spent my summers with my dad and was always around my grandfather. He taught me how to fish and fix cars. I played tennis and was a cheerleader. I was very active.

PadSplit: What high school did you go to?

Andriea: I graduated from Westlake High School, with Cam Newton, actually.

PadSplit: Very cool. What did you do after high school?

Andriea: I went to trade school to get my Cisco A+ certification. The school worked with many businesses and I got a job at Microsoft.

PadSplit: What did you do there?

Andriea: I prepared computers, either re-programming or programming them. I worked there for 2 years.

Working at Microsoft gave me the motivation that I could work in the same office as Bill Gates, the same headquarters, if I keep applying myself. So, I looked at different schools because I wanted to advance myself. I ended up going to University of Southern California.

PadSplit: Wow!

Andriea: Yeah. A lot of CEO’s went there. It’s a great business school. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in International Business.

PadSplit: What was it like moving from here to California?

Andriea: It’s very different. California is much faster-paced and more expensive than here. I was there two years before the cost of living plus my out-of-state tuition got to be too much. So, I transferred to the University of Louisville in Kentucky. It was cheaper and I had some family up there.‍

PadSplit: What was it like living in Louisville?

Andriea:‍ It was good. Then, my dad got sick. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I moved back to Atlanta and put my degree on hold to take care of him.

PadSplit: Sorry to hear that.

Andriea: Thank you.

PadSplit: What did you do when you got here?

Andriea: I got an apartment and job at TSA (Transportation Safety Administration). It was a good paying job with good benefits. Then, the government shutdown of 2018 happened. I was expected to work without pay.

Oh my God! This is what happens when the government shuts down? There were companies like Starbucks that looked after us. They would give us free coffee. But that coffee wasn’t paying my bills. If we were on the schedule, we still had to go to work even though we weren’t getting paid.

PadSplit: What’d you do?

Andriea: Fortunately, my apartment knew I was a federal employee and not getting paid. They worked with me, but the experience taught me something.

PadSplit: What was that?

Andriea: It taught me how to maneuver and how to budget because I was forced to. Now, it’s a habit. I learned from that experience. I never wanted to be in that position again. I wanted a place with less financial risk. That’s when I found out about PadSplit.

PadSplit: How’s your experience been so far?

Andriea: I like the flexibility, affordability, and how close to public transportation my PadSplit is. It helps me save so I can work towards my financial goals.

PadSplit: What’s one of your goals?

Andriea: I’m looking for a home.

PadSplit: Thanks for sharing your story. We’re honored to be part of it and hope you reach your goal soon.

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