PadSplit’s short-term lease was the perfect fit for a temporary job in a new city.

PadSplit’s short-term lease was the perfect fit for a temporary job in a new city.

For Adolphus, PadSplit’s short-term lease was the perfect fit for a temp job in a new city

When thirty-one year old Adolphus decided to move to Houston for a temporary job opportunity as an engineer, he certainly hoped the role at the transportation company would become permanent. But, he couldn’t be sure. And that meant he needed a short-term lease just in case it didn’t work out.

Trying to find a lease for less than six months is not easy in today’s rental market. Rent prices are increasing, and many complexes require at least a one-year stay with a security deposit and the first-month’s rent paid in advance. Luckily, Adolphus learned about PadSplit through Facebook and saw that he could become a Member on a week-to-week basis, which was perfect for him because he was unsure how long he’d be living in Houston. He also found it incredibly convenient that his room rental would be fully furnished and include utilities and wifi, so he wouldn’t have to waste any time — or money — trying to get all those normal “move-in” procedures set up.

Even better, the PadSplit where Adolphus landed was only three miles away from his office, allowing him to have an incredibly short commute.

“Quiet, convenient and no hassles whatsoever”

Adolphus has lived in his PadSplit for three months now, and he says it has been the perfect fit. He doesn’t see his PadMates very much because everyone is working or simply keeps to themselves. This works out well for Adolphus because he works a later shift and appreciates the quiet so he can sleep during the day. He also enjoys how “chill” the neighborhood is, and how friendly all the PadSplit neighbors have been. He feels very welcomed as a newcomer to the city of Houston.

While he doesn’t utilize the kitchen himself very much, Adolphus loves having a washer/dryer, furniture and wifi in his home. He’s already recommended PadSplit to his new friends in Houston, telling them it’s a completely hassle-free process to move-in and live there day-to-day.

Cost savings for his future home

The good news is that Adolphus’ temporary job has turned into a permanent role, so he’s especially grateful to PadSplit not just for the convenience but also because he’s been able to save a lot of money while living there.

Instead of paying more in rent and the extra bills he’d have in even a studio apartment, he’s been able to save up to now be able to transition to a traditional one-bedroom apartment. He’s also planning to purchase his own home in the future, and PadSplit has placed him in a better position financially to achieve that goal.

Congrats on your new full-time job, Adolphus, and thank you for being a PadSplit Member!

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