After seeing the returns, PadSplit Host Aaron went all-in with his real estate investments


Real estate investor Aaron purchased his first real estate investment property using money from his Army deployment in 2013. Since then, he and his wife have worked together to purchase and renovate several properties together.

Aaron had 6 rental properties when they first heard about PadSplit and decided to give it a try. After making some changes to his first property to optimize it for co-living, Aaron went from $300 free cash flow to $1,600 free cash flow in a single month.

It only took a few months for Aaron and his wife to look at the numbers and make the decision to pivot exclusively to PadSplit. In fact, 70% of property owners become repeat PadSplit Hosts like Aaron. 

Everything we’re intentionally renovating right now is exclusively for PadSplit.

Now, Aaron has 10 active PadSplit properties and is excited about growing his portfolio. But it’s not just about the returns for Aaron. He enjoys the opportunity to provide workforce housing in a city he’s called home for the past 6 years. 

It’s not many times in business that you get to take your profit up 3x. While doing that, we’re creating affordable housing and allowing our workforce to live in the city and close to their jobs.

PadSplit Hosts do good and do well in their community. PadSplit’s award-winning model aligns incentives for property owners, cities, businesses, and workers.

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Double your returns

Do good and do well in your community.