Security First: Making Your Property Secure for Residents

Security is an essential element for any PadSplit property—residents have the right to feel comfortable and secure in their homes.

September 12, 2023

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Security is an essential element for any PadSplit property—residents have the right to feel comfortable and secure in their homes. Plus, it helps ensure longer tenure, more on-time payments, and fewer member issues. Each PadSplit property must have the following: 

  1. Two points of egress in each room, one pointed directly outside
  2. Smoke detectors in each room
  3. Fire extinguisher in kitchen
  4. A minimum of 80 square feet per room

Security is something your residents will always appreciate a host going above and beyond for. Plus, it can help ensure your assets are covered in case an incident happens. Add these easy security measures to your property for extra precaution: 

Carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon monoxide alarms are often mandated for rental properties, depending on the state. In any home, carbon monoxide can be extremely deadly—exposure to this silent killer can lead to serious illness and death. Be sure to test them and check batteries and expiration dates to be sure they’re up and running. Keep in mind that both carbon monoxide alarms and smoke detectors have expiration dates. Usually, they only last seven to 10 years. Check your manual for specific details. 

Smart locks

Rather than have to deal with the hassle of making copies of keys for each new Member, smart locks are an easy, secure solution for both exterior doors and each Member’s room. You can simply swap out the code at the end of their tenancy to ensure they don’t have access, without adding extra steps and key swaps for the other members living on your property. 

Security cameras

With recorded footage at your disposal, you have evidence for an investigation and can resolve disputes, thefts, and other issues far faster. 

Alarm systems

Breaking and enterings are traumatic and terrifying. Alarm systems are an easy way to give your residents peace of mind. Whether you implement sensors in entryways, alarms on windows, or outside light sensors, there are simple ways to deter thefts from your property. 

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