6 Ways to Create a Compelling Property Listing

Our best tips and tricks for creating a compelling property listing to attract PadSplit Members and fill your house.

January 13, 2022

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As a PadSplit Host, you’ve worked with our Property Experts to renovate your PadSplit ahead, and now it’s time to list your house to start filling your rooms.

With more than 3,000 rooms on the PadSplit platform, our Property Expert Team has reviewed hundreds of property listings and share their best tips:

Take great photos

Great photos make a big difference in bookings. Hire a professional real estate photographer to make sure your staged photos look great. If you’re hiring a photographer, many offer 3D-tour packages (such as Matterport) that are a huge help to Members. They automatically generate floor plans, and we’ve seen this return on investment pays off when it comes to booking. 

Write a detailed property title and description

While PadSplit Members rely on photography to make decisions about which property to book, it’s also important to include information about other features. Ask yourself what information is important to you when it comes to choosing a home, and answer those questions in your property listing. Public transportation stops, parking information, and nearby points of interest like grocery stores are helpful to include in the listing. If you’re providing a monthly cleaning service, mention that in the home listing. 

Be honest

At PadSplit, our principles are Care, Show it, Prove it. When photographing and writing your property listing, convey accurate information about the property. A large number of transfers happen because of missed expectations, so be upfront about the house and room details. 

Price accordingly

Our team has built a pricing recommendation tool during property onboarding that factors in room size, bathroom, home amenities, bed size, and more to help you find the optimal price. Browse available rooms on the website for comparison. 

Keep safety in mind

Do not include the physical address of the property. Approved Members can see cross streets on maps to get a general idea of location, and Members will receive all relevant information after booking and before move-in. If you are posting an exterior photo, ask the photographer if they can remove the visible house number.

Ask for feedback

Have a trusted friend or relative review your property listing as a third party and offer any feedback or suggestions on how to make it better. 

Once your property is listed, we take it from there. We’ll put your PadSplit in front of our pre-screened Member pool, and start filling your home.

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