Embracing Change: Affordable Housing for All in Our Backyard

Change can be daunting, especially when it comes to the neighborhoods we call home. The concept of “Not In My Backyard” (NIMBY) often stems from the fear of the unknown, but what if we reframed our perspective? What if we recognized that the people serving our communities deserve an opportunity to live in them? We’re […]

February 09, 2024

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Change can be daunting, especially when it comes to the neighborhoods we call home. The concept of “Not In My Backyard” (NIMBY) often stems from the fear of the unknown, but what if we reframed our perspective? What if we recognized that the people serving our communities deserve an opportunity to live in them? We’re all in this together, and it’s our responsibility to address the affordable housing crisis head-on.

PadSplit was established with the goal of using housing as a means to empower financially challenged workers serving our communities. Through its platform, PadSplit enables property owners to list rooms for long-term rental. Unfortunately, the residents in the nearby homes of these properties frequently oppose shared housing, citing concerns such as noise, parties, diminished property values, and other apprehensions.

Addressing NIMBY, One Neighborhood at a Time

While NIMBY is not exclusive to the affordable housing crisis, there’s a distinct classism and racial aspect to this resistance. In the case of PadSplit, NIMBY transforms into a rejection of certain individuals entering a neighborhood. 

PadSplit stands firm against any form of discrimination or injustice. Our commitment is to provide housing opportunities for everyone. If there are neighborhoods and municipalities that resist this inclusivity, we will fight against such sentiments. We firmly believe that everyone, especially anyone serving our communities, deserves a place to call home.

PadSplit is intentional and vigilant about addressing three critical factors driving such resistance: discrimination against low-income individuals and minorities who predominantly need affordable housing, concerns about property values, and preserving the character of the neighborhood.

PadSplit actively tackles these concerns, challenging preconceived notions associated with shared housing. Contrary to fears, property values do not decline with a PadSplit in the vicinity. PadSplit houses are generally indistinguishable from regular homes and contribute positively to the neighborhood aesthetic. PadSplit actively manages parking, landscaping, and member management, setting it apart from traditional rental properties often lacking adequate oversight.

If there are concerns about the noise or appearance in a given neighborhood, we are more than willing to address those factors and find solutions that benefit everyone. We take pride in offering affordable housing to our residents, who are often people that you already interact with every day – at your local grocery store, restaurants, or even in local schools and hospitals.

PadSplit also seeks collaboration with municipalities and welcomes reasonable regulation to alleviate the affordable housing crisis. We address and manage potential issues that neighbors might raise, including member behavior, parking, and adherence to neighborhood standards.

Affordable Housing for Essential Workers

The essential workers serving our communities often struggle to find suitable housing, with more than 40% of our customers stating they’ve experienced functional homelessness in spite of full-time employment. They don’t want to be homeless; they want a shot – a chance to live where they work and contribute to the places we all call home. This is where PadSplit steps in, offering a solution to help bridge the gap in affordable housing so they can start to build savings to achieve their financial goals.

Combating Urban Sprawl

The affordable housing crisis is pushing people farther away from city centers, leading to longer commutes, increased traffic, and inefficient use of resources. PadSplit aims to reverse this trend by providing accessible housing options within communities, fostering a more sustainable and connected environment.

PadSplit’s impact goes beyond addressing NIMBY concerns; it also plays a significant role in reducing homelessness. In metro Atlanta alone, the company has saved $2.2 billion in taxpayer money that would have otherwise been allocated to housing its members. PadSplit’s cost-efficient approach, providing affordable rooms at a fraction of the expense, could be a key player in substantially solving the affordable housing crisis in the region.

Addressing Safety Concerns

We understand that safety is a top priority for neighborhoods. When it comes to concerns about PadSplit residences, rest assured that we take safety seriously. Unlike traditional apartments, our focus is on creating secure housing for essential workers. Every PadSplit member is background checked, with their identity verified using biometric scanning. If any issues arise, our team responds promptly and legally to address and rectify concerns. We maintain open lines of communication and actively work to ensure our communities thrive.

In contrast to the challenges posed by out-of-state landlords overseeing single-family homes, PadSplit positions itself as a comprehensive solution. The platform actively engages with the community, partners with government entities, and aims to be a valuable partner to house the essential workforce.

PadSplit vs. Airbnb

PadSplit is not a short-term rental platform. Our residents are not visitors or transients; they are integral members of the community providing essential services. From garbage collection to airport check-ins, these individuals play crucial roles in our local economy, and they deserve stable and affordable housing options.

In contrast to Airbnb, our accommodations are not at all conducive for parties. In fact, complaints about loud parties at PadSplit homes have never been an issue since our founding. But should any community concerns arise about any issue, PadSplit has established procedures to promptly and legally address and resolve these issues. The top-level team members at PadSplit are immediately notified of any problems that emerge within our network of 10,000 rooms, and we treat these matters with the utmost seriousness.

Breaking Down Barriers

Many barriers prevent low-income earners from accessing housing. High upfront deposits and fees, minimum credit scores, and incomes over $65k/year just to rent a traditional apartment. But PadSplit removes these barriers to provide a much-needed option for workers earning an average of around $30k/year and prevent a risk of homelessness for individuals working in our communities. 

Essential workers who contribute to the operation and success of our communities deserve an opportunity for affordable and respectable housing. By working together and challenging the NIMBY mindset, we can create inclusive communities where everyone has a place to call home. PadSplit is committed to being a positive force in this movement, advocating for housing justice and breaking down barriers to create a brighter, more equitable future for all … one room at a time.

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