How to create a move-in video tutorial for your new members

Discover how to create a move-in video tutorial for your new members.

June 19, 2024

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Creating a move-in tutorial video for your new members is an excellent way to showcase your property and make the transition smoother for them. By providing a visual guide, you can address common questions, highlight features, and ensure your new members feel welcome and informed from the moment they arrive. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to create an effective move-in tutorial video.

Why make a move-in tutorial video?

A move-in tutorial video serves several purposes:

  • Enhances Understanding: It helps new members navigate the property, making it easier for them to settle in.
  • Increases Bookings: Including a link to the video in your listing description can attract more potential members.
  • Reduces Confusion: A well-made video answers common questions and prevents misunderstandings.

Tips for creating your video

Keep it short and focused

  • Length: The shorter, the better. Aim for brevity to maintain the viewer’s attention. Avoid creating a video that exceeds three minutes.
  • Multiple Videos: Consider breaking the content into multiple videos, each focusing on a specific room or feature. This is especially useful for properties with unique layouts or multiple private entrances.

Filming techniques

  • Smooth and Steady: Use a tripod or stabilizer to ensure the video is smooth and steady.
  • Friendly Tone: Greet your viewers with a warm welcome, such as “Welcome to your home!” or “We’re excited to have you here!”
  • Clear Demonstrations: Show how things work, like locks on doors and the operation of common appliances.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Introduction and Exterior:
    • Walk up to the porch and demonstrate how the locks work.
  2. Common Spaces:
    • Show the living room, kitchen, and any shared common areas.
    • Highlight the location of the trash cans and other important features they’ll use.
  3. Bathrooms:
    • Show each bathroom, including any unique features.
  4. Individual Rooms:
    • Show the locks on individual doors and explain how they operate.

Think from the member’s perspective

Remember, while you may be very familiar with the property, your new members are not. Imagine you are seeing the space for the first time and explain everything clearly.

Example of a move-in tutorial video

To get an idea of what a move-in tutorial video should look like, check out this example: Move-In Tutorial Video.

Finally, it’s important to include the video in the automated move-in day message so the new member can easily view it.

By following these guidelines, you can create a helpful and engaging move-in tutorial that will make your new members feel right at home.

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