Regan & Cal gross over $7k/mo with PadSplit and host their members on Thanksgiving

Regan and Cal consider PadSplit a rewarding opportunity after forming strong bonds with their members and grossing over $7,000/month.

May 03, 2024

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Regan Maki Couch, a seasoned real estate professional with 24 years of experience, is a prominent figure in Atlanta’s real estate scene. As a second-generation top-producing agent, she leads a team of agents at Ansley Real Estate Christie’s International, rooted in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Together with her husband, Cal, Regan embarked on their investment journey in 2017 and owns various properties, including short-term rentals in coastal Georgia vacation spots, a lake house in North Georgia, a personal beach house on St. Simons Island, and several long-term rentals across the Southeast. Additionally, they successfully transformed one property into a lucrative Airbnb, earning up to $1,000 per night until they encountered complications with the HOA. 

Intrigued by new opportunities, Regan explored PadSplit, particularly as a solution to rental income disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic when her tenants were unable to pay consistently. Leveraging a property in metro Atlanta, Regan and Cal transitioned it into a PadSplit. Within two weeks, the midterm rental property was fully occupied.

Grossing over $7,000/month with their first PadSplit

Managing the midterm rental property themselves, Regan and Cal streamline operations through their real estate background, utilizing a renovation company and a dedicated maintenance team. Their gross earnings soared since 2023, surpassing $7,000 per month, significantly higher than previous rental income as a long-term rental.

Making a personal connection with PadSplit members

The most rewarding aspect for Regan and Cal isn’t merely financial. They’ve found fulfillment in providing affordable housing to members they’ve built strong relationships with and have even hosted in their homes on Thanksgiving. 

”Airbnb is a short-term opportunity for vacation families, but the relationships we’ve built with our PadSplit members are very, very strong. One of the gentlemen in our PadSplit joined us for Thanksgiving dinner at our home. He’s from Africa and has been in the States for 10 years. He was probably timid to come to our house, but we wanted to make sure everyone in our PadSplit knew they were welcome at a table,” says Regan.

After hearing one of their members’ stories of overcoming homelessness, it reinforced the value of their investment and was a pleasant surprise they didn’t expect to come with being a PadSplit host. The couple has even waived the rent for some of their members in the past as a way of giving back.

 “We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to invest in a property that helps others with affordable housing. For somebody to share that they’re appreciative of a safe and nice environment shows how appreciative he is to have a roof over his head,” says Regan.

The member is now a house leader and watches over the PadSplit, even contacting Reagan and Cal just to check in during the month.

“I didn’t expect for there to be as much of a relationship between the members. When you put forth the effort to say, ‘We appreciate you and are here for you,’ even if it’s not housing-related, that’s when relationships are really built,” says Regan. “In today’s society, people are all about themselves, but when you give back to other people and make it more about them and less about you, that’s when the unexpected rewards happen.”

Selling their forever home to purchase 6+ PadSplits

After being deeply moved by their PadSplit experience, Regan and Cal now plan to expand their impact by selling a family home in North Georgia they planned to pass on to their children. They plan to reinvest the earnings through a 1031 exchange to acquire six to eight additional PadSplits. Prioritizing local properties allows them to maintain a hands-on approach, ensuring members feel appreciated and supported.

“With relationships that are built in the process, it helps the retention of the members. We want to be hosts that are present and can ensure that our members feel appreciated, that they’re heard, and that we really care about providing a safe, quiet, warm environment for them to call home. If our PadSplits are local, it allows us the opportunity to do that as opposed to being far away where we have less control,” says Regan.

Regan emphasizes the importance of genuine care in fostering meaningful relationships with members. Beyond housing, it’s about showing empathy and support, ultimately enriching both parties’ lives. She advocates for PadSplit as a unique investment opportunity that not only addresses the affordable housing crisis but also fosters gratitude and community connection.

“The money is great, the income potential is absolutely wonderful and better than a lot of other investment opportunities that we’ve had, but if you really care about people, then the reward of what you’re doing to help others is far greater than the monetary benefits.”

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