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Hosts of Owner-Occupied Homes

Hosts of Owner-Occupied Homes

For current Hosts of Owner-Occupied homes. Please note that we are not currently onboarding new Owner-Occupied homes at this time.
To ensure PadSplit standards and prevent double bookings, we require that all renters in your home be PadSplit Members.  In addition, all adult Members of your household (non-renters that live in your
Yes. In order to have your listing approved, all adults that live in your home must pass a background check during the onboarding process.
PadSplit does not allow smoking inside of a house that is listed on our platform. This includes Members and Hosts. PadSplit Hosts may have pets but these must be disclosed in the onboarding process. P
PadSplit does not provide insurance. You should insure your home and belongings outside of PadSplit.
All Hosts will receive a 1099 from PadSplit at the end of the calendar year. It is your responsibility to report your PadSplit earnings as directed by your tax advisor.
It depends on how long a Member stays in your home. A stay of under 30 days falls under Innkeeper law. A stay greater than 30 days becomes governed by Landlord/Tenant laws.
You will receive an email 48 hours in advance of any move-in.
If a Member is late with a payment they are charged a $25 fee for each week they are delinquent. If a Member’s balance exceeds $300, our collections flow is automatically triggered. You will be inform
PadSplit pays Hosts monthly before or on the 10th of each month.
PadSplit charges a 12% recurring platform fee plus a 2.75% flat rate transaction fee for a total of 14.75% fees. 
You may terminate your relationship with PadSplit at any time. If no Member is living in your home, simply log into your PadSplit dashboard and deactivate your listing. If a Member is currently living
If the living relationship between you and the Member is not working out, we ask that you make all efforts to rectify the situation before initiating the termination.  To initiate a termination, pleas
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