How PadSplit makes it easy for Hosts

April 21, 2023

Owning a co-living space doesn’t have to be more work than owning a single-family property–but it often is, if you go it alone. Instead, consider becoming a PadSplit host. With PadSplit, you’ll always have a team to answer your questions and assist in the management and upkeep of your property. From listing and promoting your rooms to screening applicants, PadSplit has a dedicated team to manage and monitor your property and the people living in it with professionalism and efficiency. 

Marketing materials

As you prep your property to go on the market, you’ll receive a dedicated guide to get your home in front of the right audiences, including paid marketing ads on Google and social listing services. We’ll also ensure your property is well-photographed, enticing, and tasteful to attract more individuals to your listing. 

Member screening

Once applicants start flooding in, PadSplit will step in again to screen members, complete background checks, credit checks, and work verifications. Rather than have to hunt down the right members for your property, PadSplit takes this tedious paperwork process off your plate. 

Property management

During your time as a host, you’ll always have a team of PadSplit professionals helping you with daily tasks and complications that will sometimes arise. Whether it’s managing members, settling in-home disputes, assisting with move in/move out days, and payment collections, PadSplit takes away a lot of your burdens as a host while you enjoy the benefits of a reliable passive income and the knowledge that your property is helping lower-income community members who are in need of a good home.

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