Tips for getting along with roommates

February 27, 2023

While it’s said that fences make the best roommates, we’ve found a few thoughtful steps make the best roommate relations

6 tips to establish positive roommate relations 

Having good relations with your roommates benefits everyone. To ensure you create a positive relationship, here are some tips for getting along with your roommates:

1. Introduce yourself

This is a great way to start off on the right foot and it seems obvious, but it’s surprising how many people don’t even know their roommates’ names. It shows that you are friendly and open, making you immediately regarded as more of a friend than a nuisance. 

2. Get to know them

Spend time getting to know your roommates better. Offer to bring their garbage to the curb if they’re going out of town. Take the time to get to know each other’s interests and lifestyles. Ask to borrow something small (but make sure you return it within a reasonable time). Studies show that when we lend something to a person, we subconsciously end up liking them more simply because we wouldn’t lend something to a person we dislike. 

3. Respect boundaries

While it’s seemingly an obvious call out, it bears stating: respect your roommates’ privacy and boundaries. Don’t invade their space or ever trespass on their property. A little respect goes a long way. 

4. Respect noise levels 

Understand that noise levels should be kept to a minimum. Do your best not to be disruptive, especially after certain hours. There are often noise ordinances regarding noise levels and the time of day, so be aware of your city’s laws. 

5. Be considerate

Showing kindness and consideration to your roommates falls in line with the golden rule, which is always an effective guide for behavior, especially in potentially difficult interactions. Kind words and friendly gestures go a long way toward building a cooperative relationship.

6. Address issues quickly

Address any issues that arise quickly and in a respectful manner. If you are having a problem with your neighbor, try to speak with them in person to get it resolved. If they address an issue with you, remember to practice active listening before sharing your perspective. 

Following these steps should help you get along with your roommates and build a strong relationship with them. Whether you’ve been roommates for a while or are just getting to know each other, remember that being considerate and respectful is key.

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