As a Retiree, PadSplit is Perfect for Patti’s Fixed Income

March 15, 2024

After spending over two decades as a property manager in Florida, Patti​, age 70, found herself in need of a new place to call home. ​She wanted to stay in Orange County and looked for a studio, but even these were too pricey. 

”The housing market is crazy​ right now,” says Patti. ​”For a studio, the cheapest I could find is $1,200. And then you have to pay for electricity, cable, and water. If you have a pet, you have to pay a pet fee. It’s out of reach for retirees or anyone on a fixed income.”

​She started to search online, and that’s when she stumbled upon PadSplit​. ​She was immediately drawn to its affordability and ​the prime location​s they offered. Without her own vehicle, living in a convenient spot was crucial for Patti, and PadSplit checked all the boxes.

​”I’m really, really glad that I ended up coming to this particular house​!”​ adds Patti.

Forming a tight-knit group with her roommates

Patti has been ​living in her ​current PadSplit home for three weeks now, and she’s already envisioning a long-term stay. 

Surrounded by roommates who share her enthusiasm for community, Patti feels right at home. They’ve even started weekly dinner gatherings, with Patti taking charge of cooking duties once a week. Game nights are also on the horizon, with everyone anticipating the fun-filled Saturdays ahead.

Despite the diverse range of ages among her roommates​ (from 18 to 75), Patti marvels at how well PadSplit paired them together, fostering a close-knit environment where everyone gets along.

​What’s even better is that she has found all of the above at a price she can afford.

“​If you’re retired, the price is extremely affordable. The rooms are well taken care of, and the hosts are fantastic! Our location is also really convenient. We have a park we can walk to, and we even have a small ​convenience store nearby – it’s the whole package!”

“I’m planning to stay here forever!”

Reflecting on her PadSplit experience, Patti expresses immense gratitude for her accommodating host and the welcoming atmosphere of her home. 

From adjustments like adding a​n extra refrigerator to ensuring a fast internet connection for all residents, Patti’s host goes above and beyond to ensure everyone’s comfort. ​She appreciates that the home is professionally cleaned once per month, although she says her roommates all treat it like their own home and keep things clean. She also says her bed is comfortable, and her room has everything she needs, from a wardrobe closet to a desk.

For Patti, PadSplit isn’t just about affordable housing; it’s about finding a supportive community where she can thrive. Being close to family and enjoying the convenience of nearby amenities only adds to the appeal of her PadSplit home.

​”It’s truly perfect. I’m in the neighborhood where my daughter lives,​ and my sister is only 25 minutes away.​”

In Patti’s eyes, PadSplit is a game-changer for retirees and those on fixed incomes, offering an affordable solution in an otherwise challenging housing market. With its well-maintained rooms, fantastic hosts, and convenient locations, PadSplit has become more than just a housing option for Patti—it’s become her “home sweet home.”

​”I’m planning to stay here forever!”

PadSplit has thousands of rooms for rent to accommodate all budgets. Visit to book a room today and save 40-50%.

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