How to Keep a Clean House When You Don’t Have Time

September 18, 2021

Want to know a secret? Keeping a clean house doesn’t have to take hours of your time each week. It’s true! The secret to keeping a house clean is to do a few, short cleaning tasks every day. Here are some time-saving tips to help keep messes from piling up and ensure everyone gets to enjoy you and your PadMates can enjoy a clean PadSplit every day of the week.

5 Tips to Keep a House Clean

Declutter your room and shared spaces.

When it comes to cleaning, the fewer items you have to pick up and clean around means you’ll have more time for you to spend on things you enjoy. Invest a half hour or so thinking about the items you have in your room and shared spaces. Donate the items you don’t need or use.

Bonus tip: Make sure the items you keep have their own place. Then, put them in that place after each use. It’s amazing how much time this hack saves you in the long-term.

Clean up after you cook.

Cooking can be a messy business and dirty kitchens attract household pests. Once you’re done cooking or using the kitchen, take a few seconds to wipe down the countertop, stove, or microwave. Then, wash your dirty dishes or put them in the dishwasher. This simple hack keeps your kitchen from getting filthy and also means a weekly deep cleaning won’t take nearly as long.

Bonus tip: Unload the dish rack or dishwasher as soon as your dishes are done. It saves time and helps prevent dirty dishes from piling up in your kitchen sink.

Wipe down the bathroom sink.

Let’s be honest, bathroom sinks can get gross rather quickly. Toothpaste, soap, hair, and other items seem to gather and collect in bathroom sinks. Fortunately, there’s a simple and quick solution to prevent your sink from looking like a middle school science project. Keep a container of disinfecting wipes under or near your bathroom sinks. Then, wipe them down after each use. Problem solved!

Bonus tip: Save money on disinfecting wipes by using a reusable sponge or rag and your favorite bathroom cleaner.

Pick up as you go.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly things can pile up? Another trick that cuts down on cleaning time is to simply pick up after yourself as you go. For example, let’s say you just finished a snack in your room and are about to go to the kitchen to get something to drink. Take your dirty dishes with you and wash them or put them in the dishwasher. A few seconds spent now means you won’t have extra cleaning work to do later.

Bonus tip: Have all PadMates agree to straighten up shared spaces after each use. This ensures each space is enjoyable for everyone all of the time.

Create a house cleaning schedule.

Daily spot cleaning helps prevent your house from getting too messy and means less time spent on deep cleanings. Work with your PadMates to create a deep cleaning schedule to make sure cleaning chores like dusting, vacuuming and mopping get done at least once a week. You could assign a specific chore to each PadMate or alternate, whatever works best for your house.

Bonus tip: Create your house cleaning schedule when you write your house rules. That way, you can ensure it’s a plan everyone can stick to.

Keeping your PadSplit clean doesn’t have to take hours. Follow the tips above to save time and ensure you and your PadMates can enjoy a clean home every day of the week.

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