4 Steps to Manage Conflict with Roommates

August 10, 2020

When two or more people live together, there’s bound to be a little tension from time-to-time. The most common issues we hear about at PadSplit are related to use of shared spaces and using items without asking.

Why do issues come up? Well, we all have different ideas, expectations, and habits when it comes to living with others. That’s why it’s always a good idea to assume positive intent when conflict comes up with a PadMate. It’s also important to work through the conflict and find a resolution before it becomes a major problem.

The key to resolving conflict comes down to choosing your battles, communicating effectively, reaching compromise, and creating change that meets everyone’s needs.

Let’s take a closer look at each of those steps.

How to Resolve Conflict with Roommates

1. Choose your battles.

‍ Choosing your battles means to be selective about the problems and conflicts you want to address. Instead of taking on every issue, focus on addressing the ones that really matter and let go of the rest. It’s easy with a little practice. Simply evaluate the problem and ask yourself why it bothered you and if it’s worth addressing. For example, let’s say your PadMate accidentally left the refrigerator door cracked. If it was just once, it may be best to let it go. We’ve all been there. However, if it happens regularly, it may be worth addressing so you can find a solution.

2. Communicate effectively.

‍ Effective communication is an essential part of any relationship. Most conflicts are the result of miscommunication or lack of communication.

Effective communication requires thoughtfulness and choosing the right time to talk things through. It also requires being clear and kind while listening to what your PadMate has to say so you can work to reach a compromise.

3. Reach a compromise.

‍ Compromise is reached when each side finds common ground and gives a little. It’s the goal of effective communication. In order to reach a compromise, you need to be open and willing to rethink your expectations. Compromise is about meeting each other halfway. Start by sharing your thoughts and actively listen while your PadMate shares theirs. Then, find common ground and work together to resolve the conflict. Once a compromise is reached, thank your PadMate and keep the lines of communication open.

4. Create change.

‍ Chances a lack of open communication was part of the conflict with your PadMate. Open communication is really an environment where everyone feels comfortable and respected when they share their thoughts. Fortunately, it’s easy to create this type of environment in your PadSplit. Some of the ways you can create change are to be kind, respectful, and aware of your own actions.

Bonus tip: Establish and follow house rules. They’re a great way to make sure everyone in your house respects one another. They’re also a great tool to help prevent conflict.

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