Meet Taylor Ledwith, Account Executive

August 09, 2022

Over the past four years, PadSplit has grown from a handful of team members in Atlanta, GA to more than 100 fully-remote employees located across 18 countries. The one thing that’s remained the same? Our commitment to our mission to help solve the affordable housing crisis.

Our employee spotlight series helps you get to know the employees behind the keys.

Meet Taylor Ledwith, Account Executive at PadSplit

The PadSplit team is entirely remote. Tell us where you’re based.

Saint Petersburg, FL

When did you join the PadSplit team?

I joined PadSplit in December 2021 because I wanted to be a part of something bigger and positively impact the community. PadSplit provides a real solution to the affordable housing shortage and allows both Members and Hosts to reach their goals simultaneously.

What is your favorite core value? Why?

Can I pick two? Empathy and Intellectual Curiosity. As part of the Sales team, it is essential to operate with empathy in every situation. Putting myself in the shoes of both Members and Hosts helps keep me focused on the mission that drives us and how it applies to each person specifically. This goes hand-in-hand with being inherently curious, open to learning, and taking a consultative approach. You have to genuinely want to dig deep and fully understand the problem to provide the best solutions and strategies.

Tell us what a day in the life of your role looks like.

I spend most of my days meeting with prospective Hosts who are looking into options for real estate investing and are looking for more information on PadSplit at a higher level. After learning more about them, I go back to the drawing board to create the best strategy for their current situation and long-term goals. I love meeting new people and sharing how PadSplit can help them hit those big goals while doing something good for the community!

What are you working on that you are most excited about? Why?

Being local in the Tampa, FL area, I am focused on building this newer market to its full potential, getting more PadSplits on the ground, and continuing to make a difference in my community. We have a fantastic team here in Florida working hard to match the growing demand, and I am so proud to be a part of it!

How do you stay engaged with your team in a remote environment? What does collaboration look like in a remote environment?

My team stays connected through Slack and video meetings. We are constantly shooting out questions or looking for advice if we get stuck on something and everyone is so open with sharing their best practices and what they’ve learned along the way.

In our weekly All Hands meeting as an ice breaker, we ask new employees to share two truths and a lie about themselves for the team to guess. Let’s play with you. Tell us two truths and a lie about yourself.

I played in 2 NCAA Final Four tournaments.

I have lived in 10 different states.

I can do a killer Shakira impression.

Thanks for sharing more about what you do, Taylor! Stay connected with Taylor and PadSplit on LinkedIn. 

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Psst: Taylor hasn’t lived in 10 different states, though she could be convinced to do her killer Shakira impression publicly. Did you guess correctly?

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