Meet Svet Tchoukalov, Staff Software Engineer

July 27, 2022

Over the past four years, PadSplit has grown from a handful of team members to more than 100 fully-remote employees located across more than a dozen countries. 

We’ve kicked off a new series of employee spotlights to help you get to know the employees behind the keys.

Meet Svet Tchoukalov, Staff Software Engineer at PadSplit

The PadSplit team is entirely remote. Tell us where you’re based.

Atlanta, GA

When did you join the PadSplit team?

I joined Team PadSplit in September 2019 because I wanted to work on something that mattered and helped people. Working at PadSplit gives me the chance to use my skills somewhere where I could make a substantial impact, and I also get to work with friends.

What is your favorite core value? Why?

High integrity. Without integrity, it’s all a lie and will fall apart. 

Tell us what a day in the life of your role looks like.

A day in the life of a software engineer can involve a lot of things. I spend my working hours coding, deploying code, fixing bugs, in many meetings, helping folks randomly, managing engineers, and advising various teams on engineering capabilities and best practices for upcoming projects.

What are you working on that you are most excited about? Why?

Right now, our team is working on building financial views for Hosts and Members so they can understand their financials and easily interact with the platform. It will empower them with knowledge and help streamline our internal teams.

How do you stay engaged with your team in a remote environment? What does collaboration look like in a remote environment?

We’re spread out across multiple countries, so we rely heavily on Slack, video chats, occasional online socials, playing online games together (GeoGuessr is a team favorite), and annual in-person engineering get-togethers.

In our weekly All Hands meeting as an ice breaker, we ask new employees to share two truths and a lie about themselves for the team to guess. Let’s play with you. Tell us two truths and a lie about yourself.

I’ve learned four languages to fluency.

I started programming when I was six years old.

I’ve helped keep bees most of my life but have only been stung six times.

Thanks for sharing more about what you do, Svet! Stay connected with Svet and PadSplit on LinkedIn. 

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Psst: Svet didn’t start programming at the age of six. Did you guess correctly?

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