Meet Courtney Godsey, Marketing Operations Manager at PadSplit

May 03, 2022

We kicked off our Employee Spotlight Series earlier this year to introduce you to the employees behind the keys! Over the past four years, PadSplit has grown from a handful of team members working in an Atlanta, GA office to more than 100 fully-remote employees located across multiple countries (and we’re still hiring).

Next up in the PadSplit Employee Spotlight Series: meet Courtney Godsey, Marketing Operations Manager at PadSplit.

Courtney Godsey, Marketing Operations Manager

The PadSplit team is fully remote. Tell us where you live.

Griffin, GA

When did you join the PadSplit team?

I joined the PadSplit team in May 2020. I wanted to work for a company that I could have a hand in helping to build. (I’ve always gravitated towards start-ups/grassroots companies.) I wanted to be part of what PadSplit was doing: revolutionizing how people rent, helping them find affordable housing, or transition out of homelessness.

During my interview, I remember being told that we were “building a flying plane, and it was on fire!” Most people would run away from that, but something about that explanation intrigued and excited me. Once I learned more about PadSplit’s vision and purpose, it sealed the deal for me.

What is your favorite core value and why?

Empathy! Having empathy for our Members is an easy given. Most of them live paycheck to paycheck, have been couch-surfing for a while, or are just in a new season of life. 

With all these scenarios, there is a level of empathy necessary for the Member to feel good about deciding to pursue co-living. My team and I must tap into this awareness, recognizing the sensitive nature and situations that some of our Members are experiencing and meeting them where they are.

Tell us what a day in the life of a Marketing Operations Manager at PadSplit looks like.

Every day, I work with an incredible team of people to help prospective members decide if PadSplit is the right fit for them. We often come together to decide how to improve our processes to best benefit our Members. We overlook the quality of our calls, messaging, and overall interactions with our Members. I manage any marketing operations and special projects that the team has in the works. I also train and develop our ever-growing internal and external agent team. It’s a priority that everyone on the team is happily working to their strengths and utilizing their best skillsets to help steer towards progression.

Tell us about a project you are working on that excites you.

The team has a lot of projects in the works right now, and I can’t say that I have a favorite. I can say this: It is a pure delight when we develop and implement a new process. (We’re slowly putting out the fire on the plane!) Knowing it will positively impact those that we serve is my joy. It could mean quicker turnaround times in getting inquiries answered or making it a little easier for a Member to book a room. I approach each project with the same level of excitement, hopeful that the outcome will be a streamlined process that makes things more accessible and more efficient for the Members we serve.

How do you stay engaged with your team in a remote environment? What does collaboration look like in a remote environment?

Before we jump into the “work stuff,” we begin our meetings by “checking in” with one another. We may work remotely and have never met in person, separated by different countries and cultures, but we have cultivated a supportive team environment. It’s honestly something I have never experienced, even when I’ve worked face-to-face with teammates in previous jobs. 

We have built a team structure that outlines everyone’s duties and responsibilities. We have set expectations that everyone needs to meet, and when someone on the team falls short, we help one another get back on track.

In our weekly All Hands meeting as an ice breaker, we ask new employees to share two truths and a lie about themselves for the team to guess. Let’s play with you. Tell us two truths and a lie about yourself.

I love birds.

I’m an ordained minister.

I’m a self-published author.

Thanks for sharing more about what you do, Courtney! Stay connected with Courtney and PadSplit on LinkedIn. 

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Psst: Courtney is actually terrified of birds, and you won’t find her anywhere close to them. Did you guess correctly?

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